Follow up from ‘My ‘get to the end of year’ plan.’

DiaryPlannerAs it nears the end of the year I thought I would go back over my ‘get to the end of year plan’

I managed to complete 50% of my plan.

Register onto a cake decorating class

I signed up to two courses and have nearly completed the second one. In the porcess met a lovely bunch of ladies.

Get my blue belt in kickboxing (hopefully in December) without sustaining any injuries

I did get my blue and did sustain an injury, it’s nearly healed now.

In the process, I have also made at least one good friend, been out twice socially with the club (I know the social butterfly I’m becoming) and am getting to know some of the other club members a bit better.

Onto training for my red belt next. there is no point me even saying ‘without sustaining any injuries) because we all know that I am likely to get bruises along the way.

Get my shed fixed (this has been on-going since I bought the house 4 years ago!) – Now 5 years.

This one is going to have carry over onto next year’s plan. I have managed to have the asbestos roof safely removed and properly disposed off. Next step is to save some money then call a builder to put on a new roof and door.

Research the possibly of me and another friend having a ‘now and then’ cake stall, on top of our full time jobs.

This one I think I am going to have to re-think. I need to be realistic about time constraints and think about alternative marketing options.

All in all I don’t think I did too badly considering in between there were lots of birthdays, a new arrival in the form of my niece and I took up rock climbing.

What’s the plan for 2014?

At the moment I am hoping to survive Christmas, the whole family will be altogether so will see how things pan out. This year’s Christmas game is Monsters Inc Monopoly, it arrived today! Plus games on the Nintendo Wii. My parents living room isn’t very big and we’re going to fit 7 adults, two kids and a baby in there!

Come January I will think about things I would like to try and achieve in 2014, whatever happens I’m sure it’ll be an interesting one. 🙂


8 thoughts on “Follow up from ‘My ‘get to the end of year’ plan.’

  1. there’s a lot of us ‘hoping to survive Christmas’ 😆

    having large family get-to-gethers can be a lot of fun, but also stressful !

    I’m planning on a quieter than normal Xmas this year

    Rather than attend the usual big family celebration, I’m going to spend a quiet Xmas with No 2 son and his girlfriend who’ve just had a baby (their 1st) last week

    Wishing you and your family a happy Xmas when it comes. Hope it is a fun, happy day for all !


    • Congratulations on your new grandchild 🙂
      As much as I like the family get together’s I’m secretly a bit jealous of your stress free Xmas plans lol.
      Happy Xmas to you and your family as well. Hope you have a great day and eat lots of food. 😀


  2. I am going to be having a lonely Christmas. My son and family are ‘moving’ to UAE. Will miss my grand daughter terribly. She has just started to call me Daddyma. Sometimes she copies my maid and calls me ‘akka’ meaning ‘sister’
    I think I should follow your example make a things to do list for 2014 which might include ‘complete the French course’ which I started some years ago. I have done 3 levels. Should have a go at the next 3 levels.


    • That is a shame l:-( If you were closer, and in the same country I would invite you round to my hectic family get together..although you may have wished for a quieter Christmas afterwards lol

      Although not the same as seeing your grand daughter regularly, hopefully you will have plenty of opportunities to visit her in UAE.

      Definitely, if making a plan to map out their future works for some people then good for them. I’m prefer this to do list idea, more room for changes 😉
      If you finish the French course who knows, a trip to France could be planned. Look at me planning potential 2014 trips for you – off to UAE to visit your family then off to France to practice your french plus France is not that from the UK 😉


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