How important is SEO to your CV?

SEO_BookTowerSearch Engine Optimisation (SEO) relates to making web pages appeal more favourable to search engines such as Google. However your CV is presented within search engines used on job websites so it is important to make your CV appeal to these search engines. SEO relates to the use of keywords in your CV. The more keywords your CV contains the easier it will be to search for online, at least that is the idea.

In today’s technological world, advertising and applying for jobs is done online; directly through the company’s website or via a job board. Many job seekers will at some point register with a jobs board and upload a CV onto that job site CV database.

Job Boards allow recruiters and companies access to this database for a fee. Imagine you have a position to fill and are faced with the prospect of wading through thousands of potential CV’s. At times recruiters will be required to fill positions they are not completely familiar with, so will rely on a keyword database search with the CV’s meeting criteria being filtered to the top of the list.

ATE_TitleThen there are the Automated Tracking Systems. Many companies use an ATS, as a quick way to automatically scan your CV for the keywords associated with the job. If your CV meets the requirements then your CV will go into the accepted pile and be seen by the recruiter, if not then your application is killed off. Harsh method and one that many job seekers feel unfairly treated by. The reality is with hundreds of people applying for the same job it can be time consuming to glance at every single CV to determine its suitability. With this method there is little communication with the job seeker who is unfortunately unaware their application has been unsuccessful.

How to make sure your CV contains the right keywords?

This is going to take a bit of research. Look at job adverts for the positions you want and take note of the skills they are looking for. Google search key words to see if there are other words that you may not have considered.

You don’t know what keywords recruiters will use to search through CV databases. Making your CV SEO friendly is a double edged sword; you want it to contain enough relevant key words to get your CV noticed, too many will just over run it and make it look unprofessional and desperate, don’t forget your CV is a reflection of you. Tweak your CV every so often changing some of the keywords used so your CV will show up in different searches. For those of you who are still a bit dubious about the importance of SEO when it comes to your CV read this article of how one person ran an experiment using their own CV, amending the keywords and the outcome.


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