Last day at work

Not sure if you have heard the UK weather reports of late, yesterday most of the UK was hit with strong winds and rain. The majority of us have woken up to flooding, fallen trees, lost garden furniture with the odd garden trampoline also going AWOL.

On the way home last night the weather and traffic weren’t too bad, though many other commuters had much more traumatic journey’s. The wind and rain hit my part of Essex with full force last night, I barely slept with the fear that I could wizard-of-oz-original1-300x168end up having a Wizard the Oz moment with my house taking off and me waking up in some far away land, also known as Laindon. Unlike the land of Oz I very much doubt I would have met characters similar to that of the Scarecrow, the Tin Man and Lion.

This morning there were reports of flooding disrupting part of my journey to work (yes I’m in work today) which I now know were misleading. Being the last working day of 2013 for me, for a change I thought I would try and be on time so left a bit earlier than usual. The roads were clear and I ended up being early.  Most of the IT department went for their yearly Christmas Eve breakfast at Mo’s, I pass on the yearly event for two reasons; 1. I would have to get up unnaturally early which isn’t going to happen. 2. The portion sizes are huuggeee,  there is nothing healthy about a Mo’s breakfast. All that grease surfing through my body would be too much for my delicate self to handle so early in the morning. I have had a Mo’s lunch before and suffered a few days afterwards, I need to train my stomach to become immune to ingesting what could be likened to a vat of oil that the food will have soaked up in the cooking process.

With Christmas around the corner I have a few things still left to do and am dreading venturing out to the stores after work. For this time of year people are meant to be caring, sharing and generally nice. WRONG! Go Trolleyshopping during the weeks running up to Christmas and people are nothing like that at all. Think carnage, trolley wars, elbows pointed outwards to barge your way through the herds of shoppers all doing exactly the same because politely saying excuse me would waste precious time.

Supermarkets; the need to stock pile rations kicks in as clearly the few days the supermarkets are not open the UK population will fall into disrepute and starve. My youngest siblings decided to tackle some of the Christmas food shopping yesterday, you can image the phone call I received from my sister. She had already had a melt down in the car park and whilst in the store a woman had deliberately gone into her with her trolley then decided to make a comment. My sister is not one for staying quite, words were exchanged. A trolley much like a pushchair and mobility scooter are not bowling balls that can be used to sweep people out of the way like pins as you make your way through the aisles.

Once Christmas is over the Boxing Day sales begin, I will be happily at home or seeing friends, anything that doesn’t involve joining the masses of people looking to burn off their Christmas meals with the Boxing Day Olympics in a bid to bag ‘that bargain’.

Happy Christmas everyone! 😀


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