Time to look for a new job?


It’s another New Year, fresh start and you’re thinking if this is the time to look for a new job?

Before you decide to dust off the cobwebs from your CV and venture out into the job searching world consider these points to see if it time for you to move on.

Every morning you dread going to work

Feeling like this every day is a clue this job is no longer for you. The dread itself can lead you to feel stressed which can affect your health.Worried_Stressed

You no longer feel passionate about your job

The excitement you felt when you first started, the ideas and plans that you initially had has started to fade out. This can lead you to just ‘plodding along’, becoming bored in your current position and not reaching your full potential.

You don’t have the work/life balance that you want

You may have once enjoyed working the 50+ hour weeks but now you want a different work / life balance. A balance that your current job doesn’t offer.

Your work load has increased with no pay rise

Is this because the company is struggling or because you are being taken advantage of? If the lack of rewards for your hard work is affecting you then it could be time to browse through those classifieds.

You feel you are being ignored

Have you been passed over for a promotion again? Are your ideas not being listened to? There could be reasons for this and best to speak with your manager. If you don’t agree with the reasons given then it’s time to look for somewhere you feel a part of the company.

You are struggling to get on with co-workers / boss

You spend a large percentage of your time with the people you work with. If the environment becomes toxic this can affect not only your work but also your well-being.

You’ve come to the end of the road

CareerSignYou could love your job and enjoy working with those around you, but feel that your time with the company has come to a natural end and want to try something else. Leaving a company on good terms is always beneficial for both you and the employer.

These are a few reasons why you may decide to find a new job, many of the negative reasons could be resolved by speaking with your manager.

Where you work is important, if you are not happy where you are this feeling will affect the quality of your work. If you decide to leave your job it’s a good idea to organise yourself and have a plan in place. Update your CV, utilise your social network such as LinkedIn and start your job search.


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