Starting the year of with antibiotics!

I survived the family Christmas of 2013 and was thoroughly exhausted by the end of the day.

New Year was spent with siblings and nephews with homemade pizzas and some puff pastry swirl thingy’s during which I managed to burn my arm!

Moving swiftly onto 2014. Well I have managed to start the year by becoming unwell, I was able to go to work for two days before succumbing to the pain and seeing the doctor resulting in antibiotics costing £7.85!! I had tried all the home remedies, drunk so much water that I felt like a fish with no effect so antibiotics was the only form of medication left.

Due to unwell being I haven’t managed to get back into training or climbing at all this year, not overly impressed by that. But it could also be a sign that this year I need to take a bit more care of myself, know when to slow down and not over do things. Which would all be OK if I hadn’t, like the majority of the UK, over indulged during the Christmas holidays and am now seeing the after effects by trying to breath at the same time as wearing non elasticated trousers!

I have no New Years resolution, no plans set in stone for 2014. I do know that last year was the year for trying out new things, seeing what I enjoyed and what I am happy to leave in 2013. I also know that I would like to breathe easily in my non elasticated clothing. I’m in the process of also having a wardrobe clear out..the shock of parting with some clothes could have contributed to me becoming unwell though I don’t think there is any medical evidence to support this theory.

It’s still early days for this New Year but I have a feeling that it’s going to be a year for making some important decisions nevertheless it will be a good year. I’ll let you know in 2015 if this was the case. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Starting the year of with antibiotics!

    • Thank you, hope you have an excellent year 🙂
      Lol, maybe the medical industry is still conducting tests and we’ll hear about the the connection between parting with clothes and germs in the future 😉


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