Job Search Tool: Blogging!


You’ve cleaned up your online profiles and networked online to your heart’s content. You have a Facebook page, a Twitter account and a LinkedIn profile but have you considered starting a blog?

Believe it or not blogging can be a beneficial part of your job search. Blogging is used for both professional and personal purposes. It is an easy and simple way of distributing your thoughts and knowledge to a large number of people in one go.

As a job seeker your CV provides potential employers with a list of your skills and achievements, as can your social network. A blog can be used to personalise yourself, showcase examples of knowledge and opinions on your industry of interest. As with anything online these days, if you want to be easily searchable you will need to use the right keywords and optimise your blog so it can be found via search engines.

Where to begin?ITJob

There are websites such as WordPress, Tumblr or Tumbler which you can use to begin your blogging empire. With WordPress and Tumbler you can easily setup an account. Blogger is linked with Google and requires you to have a Gmail / Google account and use this email address to create your blog.

Some platforms are better than others, all depends on what features you want your blog to have and if your chosen blogging platform can accommodate your blogging needs.

Blogging name

It would make sense to use your name so your blog is easily searchable and available to potential employers.

Topic / ContentBlogOrNotToBlog

The topics you choose to write about will give potential employers an insight into the type of person you are. Unlike other social networks, blogging gives you control over the content and the image; both professional and personal, you want to portray of yourself.

If there is a particular industry you are trying to gain employment in this would be your opportunity to showcase your interest and knowledge.

Whatever your topic, the content should be well written. Your content is a reflection of you, save the rants and rude language for a different environment. Your future employers want to know they can trust you and won’t post anything on your blog that could negatively affect them.

Reading reams of text no matter how informative can put some readers off. Break up the text using bullet points, sub heading using visual aids such as graphics, Infographics, videos which will help keep readers engaged.

Put your CV on to the ‘About’ page. Future employers can read what you have to say and view your CV all in one place.


Many platforms will offer both free and paid templates to customise your blog. Keep in mind you want your blog to showcase you but also be easy to read.


However often you decide to blog it should be consistent, eventually readers will know when to expect a new update from you.

It’s not all about how often you post but also the quality of your content. You want people to read your blog. You may have a small number of followers but may find number of people who have actually read your blog is much higher.

Once you have written your blog pieces the next step will be to get your blog noticed.


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