It’s not easy being female

I was reading an article from the Daily Mail (I know I need some better reading material) about a transgender male to female who now wants to be Miss World. I have no issues with the decision this person and other like them choosen to make regarding this topic. I have enough difficult dealing the decisions in my own life let alone be concerned about some stranger who has decided to go from being an Amir to an Aisha!

I know there is the psychological aspect as to why people decide to switch genders and is something they have know for a long time, the final decision is not an easy one to make. However, do they not know it is not easy being female and an Asian one, I should know I’ve been one since birth. Yet when a male decides to become a female they don’t get to share in all the wonderful things that genetically us females have to contend with. Things like;

  • Cellulite
  • Monthly hormonal battles which depending on the person, everyone will know about.
  • We’re emotional species. It’s true guys, deal with it.
  • Child birth, I’m told no amount of gas and air will mask the pain. If you’re happy to have a needle in your spine for an epidural than you’re home sailing, otherwise it’s a case of ‘get on with it’.
  • This one I’m not overly impressed about but the truth is we’re catty. Many, not all, men will have a disagreement, deal with it then move on. Us women not so much so, if need be many of us can hold a grudge until we die and if possible carry it on through the afterlife.

Naturally over the holiday period we all over indulged and as always in the New year many women will have vowed on the 1st of January to start their diet and have already fallen off the wagon by the 3rd January. Then we see how ‘whats her face off the television’, has lost a tonne of weight in 24 hours dropping 5 dress sizes by going on the oxygen diet. It’s a battle field out there, we’re competing with each other to be super mums, super partners and super members of the workforce. It’s true that us women are super but even Wonder Woman needed a break once in a while.

I have highlighted a few of the negative sides of being a women but overall being a women is excellent. Guys you can keep your burping, farting and being amused by what you find in your belly button to yourselves. But when you have to consciously make an effort to look semi decent to the world – no we do not all crawl out the bed looking Kate Moss, and are then faced with a transgender who looks better than a born female you can’t help but think it’s a bit unfair that they get to enjoy the good bits and miss out on the not so great parts.


  • Knowing you can have lots of different shoes and handbags to match your outfits because you’re a women.
  • You’re allowed to change how your face looks by the power of make up because you are a women.
  • You can be super at doing a variety of different tasks whilst wearing heels, you may prefer to wear flats but the point is those tasks can be done in heels if you wanted to.
  • Manicures and pedicures are brilliant, and we can have them without being ridiculed for being feminine..because we are.
  • Were strong, cute and fluffy when we want to be but know when it’s best to let our male counter parts feel like ‘the man’.

Good luck to this new person who has joined the female world, I’m pleased you were able to make such a difficult decision and be a happier person but I also resent you for the fact that you have better legs than me!


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