Kickboxing training 2014 has started

Went to my first kickboxing class of 2014 last night.

Definitely a few more newbies this year, some I think will be back. Others, sitting on the fence about as you couldn’t really tell which way they would go. 

It was a reasonably easy class, saying that when you have been vegetating for the past two weeks you start to notice how just a short period of time of doing nothing and over indulging can affect your stamina. Or in my case is could have been the fish and chips I had eaten about 45 minutes before the class. In case anyone is interested, the fish and chips tasted good 🙂

As the class was bigger than usual I found myself out in the front row, a place I tend to avoid. There are usually more higher belts in the class so am usually in the second row. But last night we had to spread out a bit more. There is a certain amount of pressure I think of being in the front row, you have to survive the warm up which is essential and a work out in itself and execute the moves brilliantly because the newbies are watching you as well as the main instructor.

Last night we worked in rows to begin with, working on a series of punches, jabs, crosses and also kicks; front and back kicks, We did fewer reps this time round so not to scare off the newbies, one set of 5 punches / kicks on pads then moved down the line to the next person holding the pads.  In comparison to my very first class this was tame. I was thrown into the deep end with a type of military style circuit training whilst resisting the urge to not vomit. We all joke about it now as the instructor didn’t think I would be back. Proved him wrong, he’s been having to put up with me ever since.

Towards the end we worked in pairs on a series of combinations then moved onto round kicks.

It was a good class to ease back into training with, next week the gloves are coming off and it’s already been mentioned that it will be a much tougher class. I’m sweating already!


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