Pay Per Minute Cafe

alarm-clock-mdOne of my work colleagues came across a link taking about this new pay per minute café that has recently opened in Shoreditch London. I’ve not visited but it does seem interesting, enough for even me to brave venturing into London for.

The café, Ziferblat, is part of a Russian chain which have proven to be successful in their home country. The hourly fee is £1.80 with the café providing free tea / coffee, biscuits plus fruit and vegetables or customers can prepare their own food using the café’s kitchen. Customer can prepare their own hot drinks or have them made for them. If this isn’t enough to entice you, the café also has a piano, a record player and unlimited WI-FI. In a way it is like renting a space in an informal and relaxed environment.

In a time where being social means updating your social network status or texting someone, this environment encourages people to communicate face to face, you are after all sharing a communal space with complete strangers.

If you’ve already been to Ziferblat, what was your experience?

The Guardian; London’s first pay-per-minute cafe: will the idea catch on?


5 thoughts on “Pay Per Minute Cafe

  1. The idea is good. I can see it working for now until other rip the idea. It reminds me of a famous Turkish restaurant chain owner – who never priced his food, he simply let his customers pay whatever they wanted once they had eaten. He, became a millionaire, from this very concept.


    • Did a quick Google search as I didn’t know this, seems there are a few restaurants that do the same thing. I’ve led a sheltered townie girl life 😉 With this idea there is always the risk of some people taking advantage and not paying anything, owners would putting a lot of faith and trust in their customers to be fair.


      • Of course, and I think the very fact that the owners put faith in their customers mean that customers will pay honestly. That said, it is prone to have those few who do take advantage but then you have that happening anyway.


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