Get Your Blog Noticed

Your blog is up and running, the next step is to get it out there and noticed.

Link your blog to your social network pages.Social_Network_Logos
This will let your friends, family and those on your business networks not only know you have a blog but will also see your updates.

Add share links to your blog. 
Your readers may like what have written enough to want to share it with their followers, so give them that option.

Add the Email link to your blogEmail_Logo
Not all your readers will have an account with your blog space provider or may prefer to be kept updated about new articles via email. You could lose potential readers by failing to have this option on your blog.

Join groups on your other social networks that influencers in your industry of interest are also a part off. You will have the opportunity to engage and post links to your blog.

Engage with your blogging community. Comment on blogs that you liked and are similar to yours, this will encourage others to visit your blog.

Search EnginesGoogle_Yahoo_Logos
Use keywords to make your blog easy to find by the likes Google and Yahoo. Use keywords and include links to other resources. To find out what keywords are more successful than others, input your blog topics into a search engine and see what websites are on the first page of results.

Guest posting
Write a blog piece for someone else’s blog, website getting your writing out there to an already setup audience, some of which may like what they have read and want to see what else you have written.

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