Video CV – is this the next step for your CV?

The more traditional CV has gone through a series of transitions keeping up with the different modes of communication. Before the technological explosion of the internet CV’s were physically sent, attached with an application form and cover later. Moving forward to the internet era, CV’s are sent online via email, recruiter websites, and job board application process. Whether a cover letter is still required all depends on who you are asking. Many recruiters would say they rarely read cover letters whereas companies prefer a cover letter accompanying a candidate’s application.

The next step for the CV is not something new. Video CV’s were mostly used to showcase a person’s knowledge and qualifications. A well-known video CV that went viral is that of Matthew Epstein, his comical approach to get himself noticed and potentially hired by Google may not have succeeded but definitely brought him to the attention of other potential employers.

This old but underutilised idea is becoming popular with the up and coming work force. The traditional CV, employers and candidates feel only showcases the skills and qualifications of a candidate and not enough of their personality. This is where the video CV also known as a ‘MeVie’ comes into play. A CV accompanied with a short video for many recruiters would help them to view the differences between candidates who have otherwise on paper looked the same, an idea that is being supported by the UK retail store Marks and Spencers.

So convinced that this will be the next evolutionary step for the CV that there is a new job board on the market called ‘Hello My Name is’. Through this website candidates upload their CV but must also upload a 3 minute video of themselves. This can be a pre-recorded video or one that has been created using their webcam. Point being your profile is not complete until your video has been uploaded. Once completed, the candidates profile can only be viewed by the company they have applied to. Alternatively the candidate can set their profile including video to be searched and viewed by other recruiters. Importantly other candidates do not have access to other candidate’s profiles, only recruiters.

Uploading a short video can be beneficial for those who are taking their first steps into the working world. This would be a good way to show their enthusiasm, what they lack in experience they make up for with their personality and attitude.

In the UK applicants are not required to attach a photograph with their CV, online profiles are different. How would having a video attached with your CV be considered any different? Many would argue that a video would not only reveal what the applicant looks like to the recruiter but much more, their personality and how they may fit in with the company culture.

From a candidate’s point of view, not everyone is comfortable in front of a camera. If such a time was to arise where video CV’s become compulsory I think it could have the opposite effect on some people’s career prospects.

Video CV’s are not for everyone and I personally do not see this being implemented throughout the entire recruitment industry. With the number of candidates applying for one job alone recruiters already implement filters to automatically filter out the suitable CV’s discarding the other. With videos a recruiter wouldn’t have the time to look at every single one.

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8 thoughts on “Video CV – is this the next step for your CV?

  1. I sincerely hope I’ve retired before video CVs become commonplace in the UK – I’d never get as far as an interview, never mind get a job, if I had to perform in front of a camera.

    If ever I was asked to provide a video as part of a job application process, I would just walk away from that job and look for another instead that didn’t require a video


    • I don’t even like having my photo taken so you can imagine how I would feel about the prospect of having to create a video CV.
      For some sectors such as media and television video CV’s could be beneficial but for me personally they are something I can happily do without.


  2. Great article and interesting concept. I think the moral of the story here is as an employer/recruiter we want to see YOU. Leave out the boring buzz words and jargon and showcase more of your personality in order to get a foot in the door.


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