Kickboxing bruises, Cupcakes & Zombies before bed.

Gradually I’m getting back into the swing of things, I know, it’s taking me a few weeks but I think I’m finally getting there. Which means back to kickboxing, climbing and baking. 

Thursday’s class, all the newbies but one (I had a feeling she wouldn’t be back) returned bringing some of their friends with them. The class was larger than usual so were split into two groups. The graded bunch had a solid session of sparring whilst the newbies were taught the basics. It was a good workout even if I was zombified by the end.  Usually my kicks are a bit weak this time one of the guys I was sparring with felt the force behind my round kick, guess I’m improving. I was told by one of my instructors I’m getting feistier, in sparring that’s a good thing. 😀 

20140119_110901_BruisedLeg[1]Sparring wouldn’t be sparring without a few knocks, that night it was my legs that 20140121_070345_bruisedleg2_20140121150808253[1]that took the brunt of it. I took this picture on Saturday, by this morning it looked like this. I maybe in my 30’s but I am extremely glad my mum can’t see the bruises, I would not ever hear the end of it.

FYI the lighting was different in both pictures, reason why my skin tone are different shades.

I do joke around in the class a bit with my kickboxing partner, but when it comes to executing the moves and sparring I am serious. We have a kickboxing persona called ‘she bear’, channel the aggression into our fighting, then we go back to joking around. It helps us through the bruises. 😉

A friend of mine passed her probation period at her new job,to say congratulations I made her some cupcakes. She put them on Facebook and they have generated some interested from her friends. One asked for a price list which I don’t have but put one together for her. I had already been thinking about having some business cards and 20140118_210433_JennyCakespackaging stickers made. I got myself into gear this week, using one of Vistaprints templates I’ve put together this. I’ve been discussing with my work colleagues about whether to use the ‘Find us on Facebook’ logo or include the actual web address to my Facebook cake page. BusinessCardThe problem is the web address looks like this;, which I think would look awful on the cards. The other option is to shrink the address which then looks like this, a look I’m also not keen on. Any thoughts?

As much as I enjoy reading books that have vampire, werewolves and zombie characters I am a wimp when it comes to watching them on the big screen. I’m not too bad watching the Supernatural series though that could also be partly due to the characters, bit of eye candy doesn’t hurt anyone. I was given the 1st and 2nd series of The Walking Dead. which is a popular television series and the Zombie effects and makeup are good , so good that I really shouldn’t have watched some of the episodes before bed, it took me a while to go to sleep! Did I learn my lesson? Of course not as I did the same thing the following evening and again scared the stuffing out of myself meaning I didn’t sleep till late..again.

Kickboxing tonight, it’s the tamer one of the two classes I attend but will get a good workout. I’m still working on that 6 pack. 😉


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