Baking highs and lows

This weekend was a mixed bag.

I spent most of Saturday at my sisters catching up with some mutual friends. It seemed at one point someone else took over entertaining a child whilst my sister got on with other things or prepared lunch / dinner for us all.

Those kids are like volcanic eruptions, they get a burst of energy followed by a few minutes of silence before the next explosion. The latest edition didn’t want to be left out, she was happy to grab the attention of anyone really, have a bit of a chat, a few smiles (they weren’t caused by wind) then want to be picked up.

20140125_154352_RedVelvet[1]We all brought a few things, I make some ice cream cone cakes for the kids.20140125_170305_IceCreamConeCake[1] The nephew #1 actually ate the cake and not just the buttercream icing! Another friend brought some biscuits and puff pastry mince pies. It was a pig out session, lots of catching up with copious amount of tea 😀

My sister and one friend are married whereas myself the other friend are single. The topic moved onto my friends thinking about creating a profile for me on the dating site ‘’, the married friend has already been doing a sly search. What can I say my friends care lol We’re trying to broaden my ‘criteria’ as so far what I’ve been doing hasn’t worked, they could find some complete weirdo’s for me but at least I can then say it was their doing and not mine 😉 One of our friends works in PR / Marketing so not doubt will write a glowing profile whilst skating over my less than charming traits ;-), if we decide to go down this route.

The married friend wants to try climbing, her and her husband are coming with me on Saturday. I am looking forward to it as I normally go with my brother (s), my brother has bailed out on my and is leaving me to play climbing mentor.

Went climbing Sunday morning, good as always. Then came the rest of Sunday.  If you’re a Lloyds / TSB customer you will share the misery I went through with them that day. I was at the till of a supermarket all ready to pay for my shopping only to discover my debit card was not working. Thinking maybe I had inputted the wrong pin number tried again. My card still wasn’t accepted. I didn’t have another method of payment so had to leave my shopping. There was a queue at the cashpoint, so tried to phone the bank as by now I was worried my account had been hacked. Tried to phone the bank to greeted by an an automated message saying it would be over 20 minutes wait before I could speak to someone, bearing in mind this was an 0845 number and I was on my mobile, I put the phone down I went home and tried online banking. there was money in my account. Then I found out online that all Lloyds & TSB customers cards were not working due to a problem with their systems! Fortunately I had a credit card floating around at home to go and buy some food or I would have had to get a food package from mum’s restaurant!

20140126_202648_SugarlessMuffins[1]Think that would be the end of my headache? Nope. I decided to make some peach muffins, but I made them so healthy I forgot to put the sugar in. They looked good but tasted awful.

It’s my nephew’s birthday next month and my sister has asked me to attempt a 3D Thomas the Tank Engine cake. I’ve not ever made a 3D cake of anything so this will be a challenge in itself. 20140126_202002_EvilThomas[1]I have been practicing making the main characters face out of fondant but at the moment he’s looking more creepy than cute 😦 I showed my poor attempt to the guys at work and it cheered one person up who had a case of the Monday blues. At least it was good for something, I’m going to need some more practice. If anyone has any advice and tips feel free to share as I think I’m going to need all the help I can get!

Worst case scenario I attempt a Fireman Sam cake which could possibly be easier. I’m going to make a smaller version of a Thomas the Tank Engine cake as a practice run and see how that turns out.

I sorted out business cards for my baking this week so they are on order. I may have some interest from a potential customer who would like some cupcakes. Fingers crossed. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Baking highs and lows

  1. Ah, if only I was 20-25 yrs younger – sigh ! 😦

    seriously though, if that photo you use as your gravatar is really you, I can’t imagine why you haven’t been swamped by men wishing to be your partner ?

    good luck, anyway, with the dating site if you decide to give it a try. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you – [and for the success of your Thomas the Tank cake, too] 😆


    • Lol, I think your wife would have something to say about that.
      That picture is all me – makeup is excellent! 😉
      It’s possible I’ve been fishing in the wrong pond and keep attracting the weirdo’s lol
      Thank you 😀
      I ordered some plasticine so I’m going to practice the Thomas face again…have a feeling I’m going to end up having nightmares of evil Thomas the Tank engine! 😮


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