Work Colleagues

You know you work with a good group of people when they;

  • Listen to you go on about baking
  • Help you to come up with baking design ideas
  • Are willing to test your baking creations even if there is the possibility of it tasting awful!
  • Listen to you cry about the pain you’re in from kickboxing / climbing, even though they laugh
  • Don’t think you’re weird when you talk about a zombie apocalypse instead they join in and offer their own survival tips
  • When you’ve being sitting in traffic with hopes of getting through it before lunch time are fading you eventually make it in and find a mug of tea waiting for you. That was my journey today,  I cheered up when I saw this. I’m going to go on good faith here that they didn’t do anything menacing to my tea!20140129_103646MugOfTea[1]

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