Baking Challenges

The weather over here in the UK has stepped up this week. USA have snow we’ve got torrential rain with parts of the UK being submerged underwater. We’re not at the fabled Atlantis stage but keeping arms bands close to hand wouldn’t go amiss in some areas!

Fortunately I don’t live close to the coast, the most I have to worry about is either have to drive through areas that over night a mini pond has appeared or being blown away by the wind. There’s no point even spending time on my hair these days as the wind manages to give me that ‘wind swept’ look which I can’t pull off, all from just walking to and from my car.

20140131_234927_Sarah.H.Cakes2[1]Weather news aside, I have been busy either baking or working on perfecting a fondant Thomas The Tank Engine Face. I baked a batch of cupcakes for my first 20140131_235155_Sarah.H.Cakes[1]non family or friend related customer. I was nervously excited and went to bed extremely late Friday night but in the end it was worth it.

20140203_164410_BusinessCard[1]My business cards arrived this week, they were delivered to my place of work. I’m glad I work with a group of people who are used to me, when I opened the box I was like a child opening her presents.

Next step is to continue to make the cupcakes with a variety of designs, muffins and biscuits palm them off to others to taste, along with the business cards. Additional marketing ideas I am going to look into as well. I have been investing in a few cake decorating tools, some of which I’ve already used, others I’ve yet to try out.

I have no idea how this little side venture is going to turn out but I figure there is no harm in trying. Plus I enjoy it, even if it does mean I have to get by on less sleep than usual for a little while. 😀


Over the weekend, after delivering the birthday cupcakes I met up with friend & her husband. We had planned to go for a climbing session at the Basildon Sports Village. This was their first time climbing and my first time mentoring. There were other experienced instructors on hand to help me out with anything I had missed out when ‘teaching’. On the whole I think it was a good session, I think my friend’s husband enjoyed it slightly more than her. We’ll see if they decide to give it another go.

Sunday my parents were round with mum in project manager mode whilst my dad put up a shelf for me. Whilst my dad was putting up the shelf, as mums do, my mum was looking around my kitchen and noticed some of the seal by the kitchen window needed replacing. I said it was fine and I would get round to doing myself. was my mum ok with that? Noooooo, she made my dad do it. It wasn’t a big job and I am capable of doing it but my mum still had my dad do it. I wasn’t going to complain. 😉

Onto Thomas. What can I say, trying to get the fondant face looking as Thomas like as can be, I haven’t even worked out how I’m going to make build the cake train yet all this effort for a two year old who will demolish it quicker than the time it will take to blow out his birthday candles! It is a challenge and I’m likely to have nightmares of Thomas for some time, on the plus side it is a good way to develop some crafting skills.

As you can see my first attempt was not a rip roaring success and was consequently named ‘Evil Thomas’!


The second attempt went slightly better but I was informed his nose was too ‘fat’! So we’ll call him ‘Chubby Thomas


Buy this point I had decided to invest in some plasticine.

The colours are a bit out there but they are what came in the packet! This is ‘Scary Thomas


By the time I had got to the final version I have to admit I was no longer a fan of old Thomas! As my youngest sister pointed out, I had done well from where I started out with ‘Evil Thomas’.


This weekend I am going to be attempting to bake and shape a smaller version of a Thomas the Tank Engine train shaped cake. Fingers crossed this (apparently) lovable children’s character doesn’t reduce me tears. :-s


5 thoughts on “Baking Challenges

    • Good to kow I’m not alone. 🙂

      lol – I was rooting for Chubby Thomas but seems I was out voted. My sister and friends are a tough crowd to please lol.
      Depending on timing I may give Thomas one more try but for now the final Thomas will do. 🙂


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