Should you love your job?

I came across this article on LinkedIn, ‘I’m in Love With My Job, And You Should Be In Love With Yours’. The writer talks about having a job he hated from then on he decided to only ever have a job he loved doing, eventually he decided to start up and run his own business.

In an ideal world many of us would love to get paid for doing something that we are passionate about, though in reality the truth is for a number of people just having a job is a luxury.

The younger generation, new graduates are encouraged to pursue jobs that they would enjoy doing and have studied for. That is easier said than done considering the unemployment rate for 16-24 year olds for the last quarter, September 2013 – November 2013 was 20.0%, better news for the total UK unemployment rate which fell to 7.1% during the same period.

Job Centres are there to help people to find employment that would provide a livable salary. Though there have been reports of the job centres enthusiasm to help people come off benefits and into work, whether the jobs they are encouraged to apply for are suitable is another matter. Programmes such as Benefits Street have not helped matters with more people feeling aggrieved they have to work regardless of whether they enjoy their job or not whilst those who should be working, don’t.

Back to the topic of ‘Should you love your job?’

What qualifies as ‘loving’ your job, could you not simply ‘like’ it? Loving almost sounds like you couldn’t live without it, you would do anything that was required. I would expect there are many people who do feel that way about their jobs and careers especially if it is something they feel very passionate about and have built up.

There are many reasons to change jobs, should not being ‘in love’ with your job also be on this list?

– Affecting your health
– Conflicts at work
– Lack of career progression
– Unstable environment; redundancy

Many would say yes, a lack of care and interest in the work that you do could affect your performance. I disagree to some extent, just because you don’t have that burning passion doesn’t not mean you don’t take care and pride in the work that you do.


The environment you work in is just as important as the actual job. You have a job that you are not too crazy about but is doable yet the working environment; work colleagues, managers are what you love about your job and a reason why you stay. Can you have one without the other? You can love the work that you do but without supportive colleagues and good managers the job you once loved you may eventually find a struggle to get up in the mornings for, and vice versa. It’s good to try and have a balance of both, an excellent working environment as well as a job you love.

Everyone has their own reasons for being in the job they’re in, it’s great that many people are able to pursue jobs that the love but we shouldn’t discount those that simply don’t see a job that way or don’t have the option to go for the type of job they would like to be doing. Some of us end up in jobs that initially we weren’t too enthralled with but over time have found ways to make that job enjoyable, opening doors to different opportunities both inside and outside of work.


2 thoughts on “Should you love your job?

  1. I was JUST having a conversation with someone about this – I think about this all the time! I am often conflicted about whether it is more important to have a deep passion / love for my job vs other factors like security, good environment, work/life balance, etc. I can never decide what I think! Thanks for sharing this article!


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