My Week; Practice Train Cake & Training

boxing-gloves-159920_1280I’ve managed to get through the week in one piece. My body aches but fortunately no bruises that I know of 🙂 Last night’s kickboxing class was good, I slogged my guts out but once I caught my breath back I felt energised. At the beginning of the year there were quite a lot of newbies with the fitness bug. As predicted that number has gradually shrunk with the ones that enjoy the class and are coming regularly. So last nights class focused on punching, blocking.

I am a bit worried about my wrist as it is taking some time to heal completely. At some point I can feel my wrist is healing and will be fine then I’ll go to a class, get a bit over zealous with the punching (when you’re in the zone you just want to give your all) it’s the next day I start to feel it. I still wrap my wrist up for training, as far as I can tell I haven’t broken any bones. I’ve spoken with my trainers who have shown me some exercises to strengthen my wrist joints (I have freakishly small wrists). At the moment I’m trying to avoid going to the doctor but if my wrist doesn’t get better soon I will have to go of my own accord or face being dragged by my parents. I maybe in my 30’s but it doesn’t matter what age you are your parents can still drag you to the doctor!

20140209_PracticeTrainCakeSponge[1]As mentioned in my last cake related blog, 20140209_PeacticeTrainCake[1]I did make a practice Thomas the Tank Engine cake. Some mistakes were made but hopefully I can sort them out when it comes to the actual cake. I’ve only decorated part of the cake, it was a practice run to try and shape the cake into something that resembled a train, I will put more effort into the final version. I found some tutorials online (find these at the end of the post) to help me out then winged it!

20140209_SconesUncooked[1]I’m trying to expand my baking repertoire and attempted to make some buttermil20140209_SconesBaked[1]k scones. This was the first time I’ve ever made any type of scone, I can just see the report card now, ‘Must try harder’. They tasted OK but I would not call them scones.

The UK is about to face some serious weather trauma over the next few days, more wind, rain and to top it all off snow in some areas! :-O Weather permitting, I’m going to be keeping my sister company this Saturday going with her to a 1st birthday party, her husband is working. I think she wanted a babysitter to help with her 3 demonic bundles of joy. I don’t mind but the question is who will look after me from the little darlings?

GermsDespite the amount I exercise, my diet could be better, my immune system is a bit lax at the best of times. Being surrounded by a number of children, who knows what concoction of germs I will pick up. I don’t think it would be polite to walk around with a mask covering my nose and mouth or a bottle of antiseptic hand wash. I’ll soldier on through and run around with the kids until me, the kids or both of us are worn out 😀

Thomas the tank Engine Cake Tutorials


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