Is your company using WebCasts / Webinars?

Despite businesses utilising technology and embracing social media the need to physically interact with customers is still an important part of building a healthy customer base. Being physically in the same room to attend a conference can be difficult, the next best thing would be to make use of the online video streaming platforms.

Video conferencing is a popular methods of broadcasting information to a wider range of people in one go in a cost effective fashion. Depending on what it is you are trying to achieve will determine whether you opt for creating a Webcast or a Webinar.

Difference between Webcasts and Webinars

Webcasts are pre-recorded and can be accessed at any time. As the video is pre-recorded there is no audience interaction available.

Webinars are live online broadcasts, scheduled at specific times and dates. This type of video streaming allows viewers to participate in the conference.


Webcasts are informative and can be used to visually describe the various services your company has to offer and how potential customers could benefit from them. They can also be useful teaching tools which viewers can refer back as when they need to. For example, your company launches a new service through a webcast this service can be visually promoted and explained in detail.

Depending on the webcast platform you use you can continue to build your audience by creating your own channel to store all your webcasts.

Live streaming through the use of Webinars is an effective way to conduct meetings, training sessions, new product launches without the additional costs of travelling and hiring of venues. You can ask participants to be more involved by encouraging them to ask questions or take part in a survey whilst your webinar is progress.


There are plenty of free and paid platforms from which you can create your own video. Have a look to see which platform you would benefit from.

Webinar Platforms


Anymeeting – Free and paid options

Mikogo – Ideal for smaller businesses

Webcast Platforms




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