Mind the Thigh gap!

I recently read this blog post regarding ‘thigh gaps’. Those of you who don’t know what this is, it’s the gap between your thighs when you are standing with your legs together. Go on try it. Can’t see a gap? Not to worry neither did I….because I have thighs! 😀

The idea of a thigh gap is to determine if you have fat thighs, it’s also meant to be a sign of how beautiful you are. Can’t imagine a guy saying about a girl they thought was attractive, she had a lovely smile, gorgeous eyes oh and check out those beautiful thighs?? I could be wrong.😕

This is a completely daft idea as everyone is built differently, depending on your pelvic bones, no matter how hard some of us try we will not ever see that elusive gap.

Then there are those of us who exercise, in my case kickboxing, it’s taken a while but I’m developing muscle so again no thigh gap. I need my thighs to be strong and protect me when I get hit!

Those of us who do try to achieve this so called idea of beauty can end up doing so in an unhealthy way. This is a serious matter and a look many girls are striving to achieve. The ‘thigh gap’ term apparently came about after widespread news coverage in December 2013 after the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, apparently bigger the gap the better. 😮

I know this is a serious topic but we did have have a giggle in the office over it, it was more over the silliness of it all. I work with mostly men, none of them had even heard of ‘thigh gap’, and can’t believe anyone who want to go to great lengths to have that kind of look. This led to us being silly, if we stood in a different position would we get a thigh gap? It didn’t work but it did break up the afternoon. :-D..We do also work!

During our research of thigh gaps we came across the ‘bikini bridge’. Only one guy in the office even knew what this was, even I hadn’t heard of this. I can tell you this is just as nutty as thigh gaps and started off as a hoax from the online forum 4chan. A bikini bridge is the gap between your bikini bottoms and your hip bones when you lay down. What started out as a joke has gone viral and there is the risk of females taking this seriously. The only way I would be able to get this look is if I held my breath and sucked in my stomach! Again this topic of conversation resulted in laughter and jokes, these are normal guys who prefer real women as opposed to those who like to push around a lettuce leaf on their plate whilst they steal your chips.

There are some women who naturally have these looks and are healthy, for the rest us of it isn’t going to happen and need to work with what we’ve got. All of us, women and men have some kind of insecurities when it comes to our bodies. Just as there will always be a bunch of people who will focus on how to achieve the J-Lo booty if you were to religiously do these 6 butt busting exercises ever day. FYI I couldn’t have a J-Lo booty, I have a petite frame and am a shorty, the excess weight would cause me back pain or to fall over. 😀

In the office today, think we’re going to be talking about bingo wings.


9 thoughts on “Mind the Thigh gap!

  1. Too late in the day for me to be worried about such things,,, Hope my daughters in law do not work on achieving these gaps..,
    As a MIL I am worried about the GAPS between their fingers. Apparently the bigger the gap…the more spendthrift they would be…Thats just an old wives tale..but still…


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