Turning my house into Fort Knox!

On my way home from work last night I had a phone call from my housemate. My housemate doesn’t ever really call me unless it was urgent, pulled over to take the call.

Some muppets! had tried to break into my house whilst my housemate was home! Woo hoo to my door which stood firm as they did their best to get and even bigger woo hoo with brownie points to my housemate who although knew it wasn’t me shouted my name and scared them off. My housemate was ok, her words were ‘I’m getting used to it’, why she wasn’t so scared this time round. Why should she have to get used to anything?

I’m also lucky that my family are close by and help me out when I end up in these situations.

I do have a camera which for some reason decided not to record, it’s working now, but the muppets moved the camera anyway. Unfortunately the camera is in a position where if you’re tall enough can move the camera but is in the best position for me to see who is at my door.

Police were phoned, and arrived the same time I did, they are always so tall! My dad, sister and housemate were already there. The police had a look and noticed there were some tool marks on the door which the crime scene unit came and took a mould of the marks. None of it was as glamorous as the TV show CSI make it look.

As I already knew there was little the police could actually do. It’s possible this was a random attempt to break-in though there have been a spate of break-ins happening in the town.

Apparently I’m doing the right thing with the security measures I’ve taken so far but they did offer some additional advice which I’m going to put into action. I joked with the police saying ‘Do I need to turn my house into Fort Knox?‘ and in a nutshell the answer was yes. Worrying isn’t it. 😮

The other thing is the attempted break-in was at a time when most people are coming home from work. Can only think that because it is currently half term school holidays the area is quieter than usual.

I’m ok, my mum is now even more worried about me. At this rate I’ll be lucky if she lets me out of her site, so thank you very much to the muppets whose stupid actions have put me on my parents watch list!

I know this is a serious matter and joking about it is my way of dealing with it. I’m more angry than upset, for one there is not much of value in my house but the muppets don’t know that, unless they’re thinking of taking the fridge freezer and baking trays! Second I’m the one that is having to foot the bill for any repairs and additional security measures.

I refuse to lay down and be a victim, if fighting back and turning my house into Fort Knox is what I need to do then that’s what I’ll do. I’m thinking of applying for planning permission to see if I can have a moat put around my house and have a drawbridge put in, think the council will allow it? 😉


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