Office romance; Yes, No, Maybe?


Maybe because Valentines was not so long ago but I have been seeing a few articles discussing office romances.

Considering we spend a large percentage of our time at work it isn’t surprising that this is the place where many meet their future partners. These type of romances come with their own list of pros and cons, not just for those involved in the relationship but also those they work with!

I’ve heard stories where relationships have turned sour resulting in one or both parties leaving or changing departments. Saying that I also know people who have met their partners through work, most of whom are still happily together with children.

Should you decide to embark on an office romance there are things you can do to ensure it doesn’t give a cause of concern to your work colleagues and managers.

Check your companies policy regarding co-workers dating. Some companies have a rule in place prohibiting co-workers from dating, best to check your company isn’t one of them. It isn’t that they are trying to prevent their staff from finding love it’s when those relationships begin to affect the company and its employees.

Keep it professional. Avoid public displays of affection, no playing kiss chase in the communal kitchen! It’s all good and well declaring your feelings for one another but no one else wants to see it first thing bleary eyed on a Monday morning whilst they’re trying to grab that all important dose of caffeine.

It’s true what you do in your private time is your business, however if you don’t want your work colleagues to know about your relationship keep it off your social media networks and don’t use company emails, internal messenger systems to send love letters to each other. 

Do you tell your boss?. I’m not entirely sure about this one, some articles will tell you that out of courtesy you should tell your boss about your relationship with a co worker. Every situation is different telling your boss about your relationship is something you will have to decide for yourself though I think if you remain professional and your relationship doesn’t effect your work then it shouldn’t be anyone’s business.

What if you end up dating your boss? If you work in separate departments that have little to do with each other this can make things a bit easier.  Should you end up dating your boss, have boundaries in place that you both stick to ensuring your personal relationship will not affect your working relationship. Otherwise think about changing managers or moving to a different department.

Should the relationship end both parties should remain professional, this means no venting about each other, no shouting matches in the office.

A lot of this is common sense but it doesn’t hurt to be reminded every now and then.


4 thoughts on “Office romance; Yes, No, Maybe?

  1. My wife and I worked for the same company for almost 20 years till her death a few years ago from cancer. It wasn’t an office romance as such – we were married before we began working for the same company. We were careful not to chat about personal things at work or be lovey-dovey at work – so much so that many folk who had worked with us for years did not realise we were husband and wife and thought it was just a coincidence that we shared the same surname

    One thing we found out after we had been working together for a while was that we were being tested for trustworthiness. My wife held a more senior position than me. She was part of the management team. I was not. Our Managing Director confessed that for a while he had been feeding my wife incorrect information about his plans for the company and then waiting to see if she discussed that information with me and it ‘leaked’ to the shop floor

    It was a bit sneaky but understandable. He had to be certain ‘confidential’ information he discussed with her remained confidential and was not shared with me. [of course, we didn’t have secrets from one another, so she would tell me what was said to her, knowing I would not repeat it to anyone else]

    If you have an office romance, or you and your partner work for the same company, you have to be careful, especially if their is a difference in your status, not to give colleagues any reason to feel resentment because of any perception of favouritism or special treatment


    • Interesting a company would go to those lengths to ‘test’ you and your wife. Not that I agree with with I can understand the company’s point of view.

      Definitely, there have been office romances where I currently work that no one even knew about because both people involved are professional at work. Then there have been others where it was stomach churning hard to miss!


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