The oven died!

Its been a hectic few days, I’ve been busy sorting out Operation Fort Knox, it was Operation Thomas Cake this weekend gone and to add to the list I have some sad news. I would like us all to take a moment to remember Cookermy oven that is sadly no longer with us. 😦 The cakes, some good some bad, the yummy biscuits, alas no more shall she cook. Plus side, after weighing up the pros and cons of getting the oven repaired I settled for getting a brand spanking new cooker instead! 😀

Operation Fort Knox is underway, it is costing me approximately two arms and a leg but the end result will be worth it. When it came to alarm systems I was getting so confused about hard wire, wireless and listening to too many people instead of thinking for myself. I had to take a step back then made my decision and am happy to go with the company I have chosen.

I hate how this whole experience has made me and my tenant feel like we’ve been backed into a corner like scared rabbits. I am fortunate enough that my tenant was home and that the muppets burglars hadn’t managed to make it into the property but until the house is secured the way I want it to be, me and my tenant are extremely cautious about everything and everyone.

I swear last week was not my week, a bit of sun and I should have known I would end up sitting in traffic. Wednesday night after sitting in another traffic jam I thought I would cheer myself up with a cake, that’s when I discovered that the oven has gone kaput. I was not an impressed bunny especially as Operation Thomas cake was to begin on Friday.

20140301_ThomasCakeFront[1]Cake crisis was averted as I descended onto my parents to use my mums 20140301_ThomasCakeSide[1]kitchen. It was a long day with a few hiccups here and there, nephews recognised the character so overall I would say Operation Thomas Cake was a success.

For my first 3D cake it wasn’t a bad attempt, next time it will be better. 😀

For now kickboxing has been put on the back burner, where I had been sleeping at stupid o’clock then having to get up early my energy levels were all over the place. We’ll see how this week goes. A friend from kickboxing messaged to find out where I had been hiding, as I off loaded all my drama’s to her I found out that just before Christmas she bought a dog because a number of houses in her street had been burgled!

With everything underway by the end of March I will be penniless but living in a more secure house and fingers crossed baking some more delights with the aid of my new oven 🙂


5 thoughts on “The oven died!

    • Hi Auntie :-),
      Thank you I’ve been running around building my fortress 😉 I’ve reverted back into a child in the eyes of my parents, have to phone home everyday to let them know everything is ok.


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