Back to kickboxing

I made to kickboxing last night after nearly two weeks of no training. To some two weeks is nothing in my case missing two of training makes a difference to how my body reacts to training.

We worked on kicking techniques which is not my strong point, I am improving but sometimes it feels like it’s at the pace of a snail! One of the instructors have advised some exercises to strengthen my legs and improve my flexibility because right now a newborn could round kick higher than me!

The lower half of my body is aching today, muscles are aching where I didn’t think there were muscles. These techniques are great for toning up your legs and booty but office chairs are not kind to my delicate self.

Either I’m getting a bit stronger or the black belt I was paired with was going too easy on me, but I was able to hold the pads whilst he kicked and still be standing upright, though I think I need to think about shock absorbers for my wrists ;-)!

Additional pluses; I made it back into training, got to see everyone and was able to release any tension that was circling through me 🙂


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