Stop…Fork Thief!

fork_thiefIf you have ever worked for a company where there is a communal kitchen then you will know what I am talking about.

Where I work there isn’t a canteen but there is a communal kitchen on each floor containing a hot water urn, microwave, toaster and  various bits and pieces of cutlery and dishes for everyone on that floor to use. You’re looking forward to having leftover pasta from last nights dinner for lunch only to discover you have to resort to eating it with a spoon because the illusive fork(s) are once again missing in action, or on someones desk.

Whenever out of the kindness of their own heart someone brings in cutlery for the shared kitchen guaranteed it will only be a matter of time before the number of forks start to dwindle. Why it is always the forks I don’t know. What is it about the four pronged items that is so appealing that once it leaves the draw it rarely finds its way back?

I have a few theories.

  1. As mentioned there is a fork thief.
  2. There are fork fairies. It’s a bit like socks when you put them in the washing machine, a pair go in but for some reason only one comes out. The same is happening with the forks, five forks go into the draw and only four come out.
  3. They are being gathered and stored for when the zombie apocalypse hits. A fork can also be used as a weapon in the attack of the undead.
  4. A more logical response would be someone has taken the fork home and fork-gotten (get it 😀 ) to return it

A colleague has brought in a cutlery set containing spoons, dinner knives and the coveted forks. How long these precious items of cutlery will survive before meeting the same fate as the forks before them, who knows.


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