When was the last time you picked up the phone and spoke with someone?

When was the last time you picked up the phone and spoke with someone?

I was sitting at my desk when it crossed my mind how easily I could go through a day without speaking much with anyone, this isn’t to say I haven’t communicated with others it’s just communication was carried out mostly through non verbal means such as text messaging or email. I speak with my colleagues but once the headphones go on all you can hear is the humming sound of the air con.

Oddly enough this doesn’t bother me as much as I think it should. Maybe because I like being able to think about what I want to say before saying it, verbally I tend to say things that sounded much better in my head! Saying that fortunately I am able to have a normal verbal conversation if the situation arises but that could partly be because I’m from a generation where if you wanted to arrange something or get hold of someone you:

–       Phoned them on a landline

–       Spoke with them face to face

–       Wrote them a letter / invitation via snail mail.

Mobiles only really started becoming more popular whilst I was in University, or maybe I only got used to the idea of having a mobile phone during those years and have had one ever since.

Then social media exploded onto the scene. I don’t remember using it all that much in the early days only signing up for a Facebook account whilst heading into the student Union, funny how you can remember the most mundane things. There must have been a stint when I used it a fair bit but these days now only use it to like / comment on friends statuses or to upload pictures of my latest baking experiences! Twitter, I’ve only got an account because of work otherwise it is neglected.

Fast forward and several moons later where aside from the fact I have shocking handwriting I can’t even remember writing and posting a letter. Do schools still students teach how to write a letter with the addresses in the right positions etc these days?

All this modern technology means even having an argument is carried out non-verbally. It’s a complete nuisance as apart from using various emoticons there is no way of seeing that other person’s body language unless you drag them onto Skype. Yes it’s good think about things before you say them in an argument but having too much time to think about your answers can also have an adverse effect, or maybe that’s just me.

Have a think about the different methods you use to communicate with others. Could you write an essay via text or think ‘screw this’ and speak with the person instead?


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