Ban the scales!


My youngest sister said to me that ‘she has realised she is fat’. My youngest sister isn’t fat by any means, she has shape but not fat! As the sun burst through the rainy clothes to show its face I can imagine there will be lots of people thinking the same as my sister.

I have offered to go to the gym with her but she isn’t ready to go yet instead opting to do some exercise at home every night using an exercise bike, sometimes also using a stepper and weights. I’ve suggested kickboxing as it also helps boost your confidence…once you get past the throwing up stage. 😉 I was met with a resounding

Exercising is good but I think the main culprit is she eats out a lot. She is going to think about what she orders in restaurants and how she can mix it up so she has a semi healthy meal. Don’t want to go too crazy, remember the words of Homer Simpson ‘You don’t make friends with salad’. 😉

Weighing scales are misleading and evil!

It’s good to know what your starting weight is before you decide to go on a health kick but don’t get obsessed with the numbers. As you exercise and change your eating habit so will body will change accordingly, you’ll burn fat and develop muscle. I don’t own any scales and if am desperate to check my weight which isn’t often I’ll use my parents scales. Otherwise I check my weight by how tight my clothes get. If I can’t breathe whilst wearing my jeans then it’s time to put the share bag crisps for one down and slip in an extra kickboxing class.

Let’s face it, we’ve all gone through phases where we’re not entirely happy with how we look, I still have days, usually when I’m feeling a bit hormonal’ where I’ll be arrgghh  where did that facial line come from? Then I’ll realise it’s part of the so called laughter lines, what can I say I like laughing. 😀 My sister has excellent fashion sense and I’m pretty sure most of New Look is in her bedroom. But I can’t pull off her look, I just look like a little girl playing dress up!

My sister is young and will hopefully reach a point in life where she’ll be comfortable enough to say ‘stuff what anyone says I’m a cutie and I know it!’


4 thoughts on “Ban the scales!

  1. I agree, scales are misleading and numbers are not what they seem. It’s not constructive or realistic to hold ourselves to a number, because there are so many variables (like you say, muscle, body fat etc.).
    Over the years I have gradually let go of those numbers and just focus on how i feel.


    • Good to hear you’ve ‘let go of those numbers and just focus on how i feel.’, what good are the numbers if emotionally and physically you feel rubbish. 😀

      It too has taken me time not to focus on those evil numbers but like you I no longer care as look as I look and feel good 🙂


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