I’m exhausted….but a happy bunny! :-D

Though exhausted I feel things are finally coming together and getting back on track. 😀

20140312_NurseCakesMichelle[1]Before the death of my oven I had already agreed to make some cupcakes for my20140312_NurseCakesMichelle2[1] tenant who would be changing jobs and wanted to take in some leaving cupcakes. Still without a working oven I once again took over my mum’s kitchen. I had already made some of the fondant decorations but with 20 cakes ( I made a few extra) to make there were going to be a lot of decorations. My tenant had left it to me to decide what type of decorations to do, so I mixed it up with fondant decorations and simple piped buttercream on top. From what I have heard they were a hit.

I won’t have to annoy my mum and take over her kitchen again as my new cooker has arrived and has been fitted! I haven’t used the oven yet, it’s a friend’s daughter’s birthday coming up so I may test out the oven making her a few birthday cupcakes. Her daughter is into theatre, music as well as the obligatory girlie things so will have a think on how to decorate her cupcakes.

I’m steadily getting back into kickboxing both physically and mentally. To improve my flexibility one of my instructors have advised I do squats and lunges with weights at home. OMG!! Booty, legs the works are feeling the burn! I know the phrase ‘no pain no gain’ buuttt at the moment all I’m getting is the pain, when is the gain coming my way??

My sister is planning an aqiqa; blessing but asian style- for my niece, I needed a new Asian outfit for the occasion as all the ones I’ve got have too many many sequins and design work on them. My brothers girlfriend had decided she would also like to wear an Asian outfit so was invited along to a shopping trip to Ilford Lane, Essex.

She had been warned by my brother and one of his friends about Ilford Lane beforehand though luckily it was a good day. Maybe because the sun was shining or we’d entered the twilight zone but everyone including the other drivers were in a nicer, politer mood.

My youngest sister wasn’t able to come along so I was tasked with trying to find her something, shop after 20140316_FarzanaAsianOutfit[1]shop, I took pictures of so many outfits to send to her all of which weren’t up to standard..I begun to lose the will to live! Finally I found an outfit and in 20140316_FozAsianOutfit[1]the right size for her. When I dropped it off at my parents she was happy with it and it fitted, good thing too because I wasn’t going back to change it! The image to your right was the outfit I got my sister.

The image to your left is the design I got but in a royal blue. It’s long but with heels it looks good, floaty and it was on sale! 😀

Whilst out and about it had started to get late and we also had my niece with us so decided to get some Indian take away, I also got my tenant some chicken curry! By the time I had dropped the clothes off at my parents and got home I was so exhausted, I think I was running on adrenaline as I was a bit hyper, hungry and tired.

Wish me luck, I’m off to get my booty kicked tonight!


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