Meggings – Future of men’s fashion?

Today I was educated on the changing world of men’s fashion.

We’ve seen the likes of David Beckham in a sarong, we’ve steadily seen men’s jeans get tighter and tighter that they could save themselves some money and wear their girlfriends jeans. I know us women I have a lot of fashion choices but could this latest male fashion trend be going a step too far?

Meggingsdesign-galaxy1I bring to you ‘meggings‘…male leggings! These come in an array of colours and styles which appear to have been teamed up with a pair of manly looking boots.

If the meggings wearer is feeling a bit shy they could always team them up with a pair of knitted shorts.

If this is the way forward for the male fashionista’s so be it but whatever happened to men being men? I like a guy being in touch with their sensitive side as much as any other female but I draw the line at them using my beauty products and sharing my clothes!


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