Me and Kickboxing

pink-kickboxer-mdLast night we did rounds of 2 minute sparring sessions for the entire hour class. I sweated and slogged my guts out to my heart’s content. I felt my lungs where burning and my arms were ready to give up the fight but I hung in there…just about. The fear of getting hit in sparring is fading as I’m getting in there a bit more instead of shying away, I definitely got in some hooks and uppercuts last night 🙂  My instructor has said I’m like a little Jack Russell LOL. Once I was able to breathe again I felt good. I know for many people it’s hard to believe that anyone could feel good after this type of exercise, for me kickboxing isn’t just about the physical aspect and trying to attack/defend myself. It’s also my way to relieve stress and improve my confidence plus I’m meeting some excellent people. It’s something that I really enjoy and oddly enough is something that makes me happy. I know my parents, especially my mum would like it if I found something less aggressive and didn’t gain bruises doing but bruises heal. 🙂  I would absolutely hate it if I had to give it up. Climbing is becoming something that I also love to do but it is still in second place to kickboxing.

I was raised in a predominantly non-Asian environment so am not phased about being the only Asian girl in the class. It would be nice if there were a few more Asians in general but the other girls in the small Asian community where I live have no interest in this type of thing.

The older of my two nephews though only 4 does Kung Fu. It was a bit touch and go with him as he enjoyed it then he didn’t, but he’s just done his first grading. My other brother does Thai boxing.

I have asked my mum before why she didn’t put me and my sister into martial art classes when we were younger but our brother did Ju Jitsu, her answer was ‘we didn’t think it was the type of thing for girls’. I think for many families during the time me and the older siblings were growing up that was probably the general attitude. colorful-boxing-gloves-vector-icons_21-84791325I’m glad for many girls this attitude is changing, my youngest brother and sister did kickboxing when they were younger but have no interest in it now.

I don’t care much for what other people in the Asian community think, I’ll leave them all to worry about when I’m going to settle down and make babies and roti’s while I carry on trying to remember to keep my guard up in sparring!


9 thoughts on “Me and Kickboxing

  1. “It is NOT the type of thing girls do,” is the phrase I grew up hearing all my life. My father would not let me ride a bicycle when I was young, while he trained my brother everyday in a lane near my house.
    The new ad for a scooty (two wheeler) for girls goes, “Why should boys have all the fun?”
    That is what I should have had the courage to ask my dad then.
    You go girrrlll! Keep up the kickboxing.
    And give an extra kick to that man… any man… from me.


    • I would love to go an see a Muay Thai school in Thailand, I’ve seen bits and pieces on tv. The level of discipline an dedication from the fighters, I can just about survive my two days a week classes!


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