The perfect employee – it’s all in your head!


The unemployment numbers are improving but there are still those who are struggling to find work.

There are still a large number of people applying for the same job, bad news for job seekers good news for the advertising employer. The employer gets to have their pick from a large pool of potential employees thus also enabling them to be choosier with the type of person they want to hire. With this extra choice are employers asking too much? Are they looking for an all singing all dancing perfect employer who simply does not exist?

In an alternative universe wouldn’t it be ideal if for every job there was a cookie cutter employee who ticked all the boxes with a few bonus skills and traits thrown in?- Think Career chip from the animated television series Futurama!  It would make the hiring process so much simpler and quicker. The employer may think that by narrowing down their list of skills and traits the right person for the job should just land on their doorstep, however just because a person could do the job with their eyes closed doesn’t necessarily mean they are the best person for the job.

How long will this perfect employee stay in their job for before they decide to move on to pastures new? The perfect employee has nothing new to learn, no challenges to get their teeth into that will spark that fire in their belly when they come to work. Worst case scenario this perfect employee begins to believe the notion that they are in fact the ‘perfect employee’ developing a level of arrogance that rubs their piers up the wrong way. They question their manager’s authority believing they could do a better job. These are all ‘what ifs’ but could happen.

Alternatively, what if hiring managers had knowledge of the basic skills required to do a job with the view to take on someone who ticked some of the boxes but not all of them? There is a whole pool of imperfect employees companies are missing out on, full of eager beavers ready to take on a challenge if only someone was willing to give them that opportunity. Giving a imperfect employee the opportunity to learn and develop themselves within a company does come with its own set of cons however the pros can create a more productive long term working relationship as well as helping them to become the perfect employee for your company.

Non perfect employees come to the job knowing they don’t have all the answers but will have a lot of questions, some of which their manager may not have even thought of, questions that could improve the way things are done. A supporting manager can help and support an imperfect employee to excel and make the job their own making them the perfect employer.

It’s time to forget about the delusional image of the perfect employee, they don’t exist we are all imperfect in some way. It’s time to start thinking outside of the box when it comes to hiring and look for those traits that make an individual unique, with the right management and support a imperfect employee can become an excellent employee.


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