For this part of the interview, tell me a joke

Whilst listening to the radio the presenter brought up the topic of interviews, describing today’s style of interviewing as ‘hippy interviews’. How interviews have evolved from something that was considered simple & straightforward to companies asking odd questions. Or in the case of one of the presenters friends, for their interview were asked to bring an object to the interview that best described them.

As part of the interview process companies have asked interviewees to sing, tell a joke, make an animal sound, the list goes on. Are companies trying too hard to come up with unique interview experiences or is there logic behind the craziness?

By asking weird interview questions such as ‘If you were an animal, what animal would you be the interviewer is not only to getting you to think on your feet but to also reveal certain personality traits. There are much stranger questions out there to test your logic like ‘How many pound coins would it take to reach the height of Big Ben?’. These type of questions are used to view your thinking process, how you came up with your answer.

As strange as the questions maybe it is best to avoid the interview killer answer ‘I don’t know’ and try to come up with something creative. Right or wrong your answer will reveal characteristics you may not realise you are showing.

But what about the interviews that for some are seen to go a step too far, that are almost seen to humiliate and embarrass you? In 2013 news of the university graduate who was asked to dance to a Daft Punk song during his interview made the headlines. The company in question did apologise and stated this type of request was not part of their official recruitment process inviting all candidates who had to take part in the ‘dance off’ to return for an official interview. Whatever the reasons behind this unusual dance request, they weren’t expecting it to become publically scrutinised.

Logic and psychological evaluations aside do companies really need to go to these lengths to find the ideal candidate for the job or is it in part entertainment for the interviewer for a process that could otherwise be considered tedious?


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