It could have been a much worse week

Although it has been one of ‘those’ weeks it could have been much worse.

  • Have had a cold 😦
  • Got up late for work, for some reason switched the alarm off!
  • Still getting used to new oven and nearly burnt chocolate muffins, they were at the stage just before crispy!
  • No kickboxing at all this week!

Just because there were a few negatives doesn’t I’ve written off the entire week.

  • Past tenant is over from France and met up with her Saturday evening. We went bowling and ate lots of bad food 😀20140323_TheatreCupcakesYaz[1]
  • Dropped some birthday presents and  cupcakes for a friend’s daughter, she is into baking and has taken part in theatre productions of High School Musical and Little Shop of Horrors. Also managed to have a quick catch up.
  • My front garden fence has been put up and it looks good!
  • Tried to speak with a cousin I have not ever met or spoken with, it was an experience as seeing my urdu is shocking (I can understand it) and she doesn’t speak much English…google translate maybe 😉

I am going to have to re-think how I buy makeup, unless the item is all sealed like fort knox I’m not buying it! During a shopping tript with my mum I was looking at buying some new mascara. Whilst at a counter I noticed another customer try on lipstick and put it back, and it wasn’t a tester!! My mum noticed and I was speaking quite loudly about how disgusted I was by this persons behaviour, what if she has a cold sore?!?. I couldn’t see which lip gloss she tried on else I would have taken it to a sales assistant, I should have taken them all off the shelf. I think I saw this girl do it again at another counter. I was going to speak to a sales assistant but my mum didn’t want a scene The makeup I bought was all wrapped up with no seals broken. Just how dirty and disrespectful are people? If I was that skin confident I would go makeup free, luckily I barely were lipstick otherwise its good old Vaseline.

This weekend a friend is popping round for dinner, followed by Sunday with my nieces aqiqa.

Have a good weekend! 😀


4 thoughts on “It could have been a much worse week

  1. I don’t wear lipstick myself – honest ! 😆

    but I understand where you’re coming from

    It’s a bit like popping into Tesco and the person in front of you picks up an iced bun in the bakery section, licks it, then puts it back down in the tray – GROSS !!!


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