The weekend I’ve had, I’ve come to work to rest. Monday, I could have been an extra in the television series, ‘The Walking Dead’, yep I was that tired. The amount of rubbish food I’ve eaten I’m surprised I can still fit into my jeans and breathe at the same time.

Friday night ex tenant stayed over, we ate pizza and watched the first episode of the television series ‘Sherlock’. Series 3 was aired this year but it’s always nice to see how it all began with the pilot episode. The character Sherlock is weird, quirky obnoxious, patronising everything you don’t want in a partner because despite all his charming ways you would eventually want to push him down the stairs! Friday was a late night eventually crawling into bed at about 12.30.

Saturday I was up early enough to drop ex tenant at the station and pop to my parents to try on my Asian outfit for Sunday’s aqiqa.  Saturday was really baking day, I made 20 cupcakes for the aqiqa plus a few blueberry muffins for home-I forgot to take pictures of them. That same evening a friend popped over and we went out for dinner. Generally I avoid Indian restaurants as I can get that type of food at home. Even though my friend wasn’t overly fussed where we went we ended up at the Indian buffet. Maybe it was because I was exhausted, maybe it was because I was hungry or even both but the food tasted a lot better since the last time I ate at this place and that was a looonnnggg time ago. The curries still looked like they were swimming in a gallon of oil but taste wise it had improved. Would I go back, probably not in a hurry. Not because the food was bad it’s just because I can get that type of food from my mum for free. 😀


Sunday I was up early enough as I wanted to dye my hair. I forgot to mention I found two grey hairs! The horror I know, but I’m not sure if they are the same two strands I keep pulling out. :-s Either way it was a good enough reason to turn my bathroom into a crime scene from CSI. I’m not the neatest of people but I did try and avoid dying everything else in the bathroom. Still I have noticed a few pink tinges on the lid of the toilet and near the sink. I probably needed two boxes to get a more vibrant colour but the violet colour shows up in the light.20140330_Foz&FarzanaAqiqa[1]

I got dressed at my parents. My mum was getting trigger happy with her camera, I’m not photogenic in any shape or form but had to have the photos taken else we weren’t going anywhere! OK we could have picked a better background, but we were already running late, even with Asian timing we were still considered early.

Despite being late to the aqiqa the car park was still empty. Eventually people arrived in dribs and drabs, I’m glad we didn’t wait till everyone was there to eat I was starving! I had only eaten one meal that day so I definitely needed feeding. I was then put on feeding nephews duty as they came and went from the bouncy castle.

With the exception of these three boys who I will talk more about in a bit, the majority of the children ranged from babies going up to the age of 5. The older boys who I found out were age between 7-10 were not only dominating the bouncy castle but were also bullying the smaller kids and I caught one trying to deliberately hurt them. These spawn of Satans parents were no where to be seen. But the look on one of those boys face as he went to hurt one of the kids was in my opinion evil. And his answer was they were getting on his nerves! When I saw him go to hurt my youngest nephew who is only 2 years old I admit I did see red and in a stern voice said I would hurt if I catch him hurting my nephew. I told my sisters who thought I was being over protective until they saw the brat (s) in action. Even after being told off by others they still carried on with still no parent in sight! I later found out that these boys parents have a ‘modern’ approach to parenting that involves letting them do whatever they want 😮 I had to step away from the bouncy castle and let the other adults pull their kids off for their own safety. I discovered something about myself, that if I am this protective over my nephews what will I be like with my own future kids?!? Apart from the incident with the devil children the rest of the event went well. I was complemented on my outfit, not bad for something I got in the sale 😉

It was a late evening again, getting home at about 11.30, though I looked cute in my shoes I was pretty much crippled by the end. There was so much food left over, that’s my lunch for work is sorted for this week. 🙂

The plan is to have a relatively quiet week but the week may have ideas of its own. 🙂


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