Are you prepared for the Zombie Apocaylpse?

banner-blue I read this article ‘Is The CDC Planning For A Walking Dead Zombie Apocalypse?’ Finally, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) have come to my way of thinking and are encouraging people to prepare a kit in the event of a zombie apocalypse. Laugh all you like but you won’t be when a member of the walking dead club decides to munch down on you. I’m talking about Zombies, the truth is I can’t even watch the likes of ‘The Walking Dead’ in the dark without being scared crapless, I have to watch something cute and fluffy afterwards if I’m to get any sleep.

Back to the CDC, the idea behind this advertisement is as you may have gathered is not to prepare an emergency kit specifically for the event of a zombie apocalypse but in case of any emergency be that a hurricane or an earthquake.
I’ll leave the likes of the CDC to take the mature approach and preparing members of the public for emergency’s.

Me, I’m going to go with the more imaginative route of thinking what I would have in my zombie survival kit. A ruck sack would be required to keep everything in however if the ruck sack ends up anything like my handbag I might as well just admit defeat and hand myself over to the zombies! So I’m thinking a utility belt of some sort would be handy for quick access.

• First Aid Kit
o If you get bitten there’s not much a tube of savlon antiseptic cream can do but is handy to have for all the other cuts and grazes.

• Swiss Army Knife.
o Good for safety purposes
o Cutting things up
o Also be used as a can opener

o Knife / Sword; Multitude of uses other than taking down a zombie
o Gun; I’m not really a fan of these things, but if needs must then it’s there.
o Cross bow
o Taser
I may not have all three in my kit as I’ll also have other things to carry, until I can find a suitable vehicle (see below) or I play the damsel in distress and a strapping guy comes along and carries the ruck sack. 😉

This could be tricky, but chances are there are going to be a lot of ‘abandoned’ vehicles around. Be quicker and easier than walking.

Torch with batteries.
o If the power goes out I want be able to see where the zombies are
o Spares batteries for when the old one run out.

o I want to see from which direction the zombies are coming from.

o Canned / non perishable stuff. Can’t run from zombies on an empty stomach!

No doubt will find a use for it out in the wilderness.

• Spare clothing

Spare pair of glasses and contact lenses
o It’s all a blur otherwise

Hygiene products
o Wipes
o Razor + spare blades
o Other female related products.

So if a zombie invasion should ever occur I should be prepared. I’ve most likely missed something off the list but I think I have most things covered…I hope. :-s

What would be in your zombie emergency kit?


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