Friday – woo hoo!

I really should have caught up on my sleep this week but have still been going to be late.

I paid a trip to the free book shop last week and swapped some books that I didn’t want for some new ones. I got two Jefferey Deaver books, the one I’m reading at the moment it called ‘The Vanished Man’. I can’t seem to put this book down until I’m forced to ; eyes are closing, it’s gone midnight and I’ve got to be up early.

On top of lack of sleep I have fallen into the rabbit’s hole of insecurities and am having a ‘I feel like a chunky monkey’ phase. I was at training this week and am hoping to go wall climbing this weekend so lucky for me the whole chunky monkey phase lasted between 24-48 hours, any longer would have restricted my eating. 😉 I guess it doesn’t help that it was one of the managers birthday and we all got a cream cake. I could have said no but I didn’t, the insecurities are gone being replaced with a bruised body so I felt a cream cake was deserved. 😀

I only missed about two weeks of kickboxing but the way my body felt last night it felt a lot longer! I ‘glowed’….a lot! I know I pushed myself as by the end I was gone, ready to collapse stage, there was very little left in the tank. What was left I used to get out of the door, drive home and crash on the sofa! It’s grading this weekend and one of the girls I’m friends with is going for her green belt, I know she’ll do well, she’ll channel her inner ‘she bear’ and kick booty! 😉

A friend of mine asked for my address and me being me turned it into a game to guess what it was she was sending me. I pushed the boat out and even asked if it was a wasn’t. 😦  I got home this week to find a neatly addresses letter, it was an invite to her wedding! 😀 That reminds me, I need to rsvp her!!

Otherwise it’s been a fairly tame week for me. Catch up with you all next week. 🙂



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