Would you pick the same career as your mum?

I saw this article published on The Guardian website, ‘Would you consider following in your mum’s career footsteps?
The article focused on working mothers who now either work with their daughters or the daughters have ended up in jobs within the same industry.

This got me thinking, there are many mums like my own who were stay at home parents. As was the Asian culture then and for many still is true today my mum married and started a family at a young age. A career whilst raising a family was not something she considered. This was not something she wanted for her children from such a young age, mostly because she wanted her children to be financially independent.

Despite my mum being a stay at home parent that isn’t to say she wasn’t able to pass on skills and knowledge that would benefit us kids as we went out into the working world.

I’ve used mums as that was the parents the article focused on but in reality  these can apply to either parent especially as there are a number of stay at home dads.

Networking was going on long before the internet and social media exploded onto the scene. Our parents were networking at the school gates with other parents whilst waiting to pick us up.

Project management and organisational skills.
Meeting deadlines such as;
o Making sure homework is completed
o Letters/forms are returned
o Remembering and attending appointments
o Ferrying each child to and from one after school activity to another

In some cases they were / are also accountants.
Managing the incoming and outgoing finances of the household. Budgeting to ensure the essentials were there, bills were paid, anything else was considered a luxury. Hoping their financial acumen is passed down to their children who will have (hopefully) learnt to manage their finances.

Multitasking and the ability to stay calm under pressure. When chaos is taking over the house and still being able to cook a family meal.

The original article did a good job of discussing how children may look to their parents to decide which career they would like to pursue. However just because a parent doesn’t work doesn’t mean a career path isn’t forged from the transferable skills their child / children learnt from their stay at home parent.



3 thoughts on “Would you pick the same career as your mum?

  1. My three sons followed in their father’s footsteps and became doctors. Just one them rues that. If I had a daughter, I would not have wanted her to be a stay at home person like me. I would have pressed her to take up some career. Many of my friends who went into teaching have continued with their careers while others who took up glamorous jobs had to discontinue after their kids were born.

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  2. It’s interesting that your sons decided to also become doctors like their father.
    You may have been a stay at home parent but you have a talent that your granddaughter has inherited 🙂


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