Channel 4 Programme: Shut Your Facebook

Time and time again we are told to either clean up our social media profiles, take advantage of the social networks security settings or if you don’t want the whole world and your future employer to see anything that could jeopardise your career prospects then don’t put it online!

This advice isn’t anything new yet still there are people out there who make the same mistakes, posting evidence of antics that show them in a less than favourable light.

Channel 4 aired a programme called ‘Shut Your Facebook looking at how social media not only affects our lives but for some it has become a way of life with a user having two personas, an online one, and a real world one.

The programme focused on individuals with different approaches to social media. I tried to watch the entire programme online before I gave up, the parts I managed to watch involved three individuals.   There was Brandon the ‘serial updateder’.  The ‘selfie fail’, Charlie who’s so called friends kept posting unflattering photos of her onto Facebook. Then there was the ‘party boy’, Christian who liked to post explicit photos of himself onto Facebook with no security setting in place.

The first section involved the party boy, Christian, who wanted to pursue a Sales career, the programme arranged two interviews with recruitment consultants. There were two parts to this interview, the face to face section and unknown to the party boy the interviewers then did a social media background check and came across his Facebook page. For many companies these checks are becoming part of the interview process. For someone with party boy’s level of confidence and dare I say arrogance he was not expecting the feedback he received from the interviewers to include what they had seen on his Facebook page. In his mind the person on Facebook is separate from his working persona and shouldn’t affect his career. Well he found out in an embarrassing way that isn’t true and it’s time to sort out his Facebook page.

I managed to get to the next section of the programme involving the photo fail girl, Charlie who had someone help her to take a nice selfie that didn’t involve her sticking her tongue out! Seriously, is this what television is coming to? If she didn’t want a picture of her with her tongue sticking or any other silly pose then don’t do it.

The third individual, Brandon in my opinion has an unhealthy attachment to social media for him social media is his life, that he enjoyed his virtual life more than his real life.  This person had difficulty having a normal conversation during a meal, he lasted a mere 7 minutes before he had to reach for his phone and update his status. Sad outlook on life really, it didn’t seem to bother him that his social media addiction was negatively affecting his relationship.

I couldn’t watch anymore, it became too painful. Overall this programme didn’t highlight anything many of us didn’t already know, though it does seem that the people mentioned in this programme are not that clued in or maybe they just don’t care.


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