Bring on the weekend!

Hello peep-a-roos!

20140407_MondayMorning[1]We all have those Monday morning looks, you know the ones where you look at least presentable but glad you’re client facing. To be honest this is how I look most days at work lol. Feel free to share your work looks so we can make each other feel better for not looking like a goddess at the beginning of the week 🙂

This week has been a fairly normal one…shocking I know. I have managed to keep out of trouble, no knocking anyone’s glasses off in kickboxing, been baking muffins which is always a pleasure to share and eat especially with ice cream. 😉 though there has been more sharing than me eating this week anyway.banner-blue

There is nothing wrong with my weight it’s more to do with shape, I will not ever have small thighs it is just one of life’s mystery’s but that doesn’t mean I also want thunder thighs! I would like to say my thighs are mostly muscle but I would be lying, if they were then I would have some strength to clamber up the climbing wall like spider man, but I don’t. So I have been on a ‘lifestyle’ change, reducing the cr@p intake replacing it with not so much cr@p intake. As in cut back on crisps, chocolate and tea with two sugar and anyone who knows me will know I really like my tea! Replacing with water which my skin is happy with and some foreign substances known as fruit. I wanted chocolate for a mid afternoon snack, instead I have this.banner-blue  Next time I’m drizzling Nutella on it 😉

In my mind I’m at least 10+ years younger but my body has other ideas. It could have been the way I slept but my back is in agony to the point I have had to take tablets and I haven’t had to do that for at least a year! I think some stretching exercises are in order!

Speaking of pain my wrist has a tendancy to decide when it’s happy and when it wants to be a pain in the booty. One KB instructor advised drinking Kombucha mushroom that isn’t a mushroom tea, it’s meant to have plenty of health benefits that will also help with bruises, aches pains and a fountain of other ailments. Click here to see what a kombucha mushroom that isn’t a mushroom looks like. Seen it? Can you can see why I’m still very much undecided whether I want to take the next step and buy this thing that looks like something out of a sci fi movie, turn it into a tea and drink it! I’m going to read a bit more about this ‘mushroom’ before taking the plunge.

Not sure if I mentioned it before but a KB friend went for her grading and passed, I was sooo pleased for her. Her hard work and channeling her inner ‘she-bear’ paid off with her gaining her green belt.

Remember operation Fort Knox? There have been some updates, the person who attempted to break into my house has been arrested. They were caught for another crime, burglary I think and also confessed to trying to break into my property. The case is going to court but who knows what the outcome will be, fingers crossed they get some kind of jail time.

I’m going back to my tea, savouring it’s warmth and taste as I probably won’t be having another one till this afternoon / evening-I. have. will. power…I do, honestly 😉


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