Sugar cookied!

Too much food!

Have you ever over eaten to the point you have to undo the top button on your jeans and are practically comatose from over indulging? That’s how I was bank holiday weekend, but in my defence the food was reeaally good, even though my stomach was screaming nooo I kept going. For the rest of the evening I was good for nothing, I couldn’t even look at food. If you ever venture to Essex try the Chinese restaurant in Wickford, Jade Palace you make push your stomach to its limits but it will be worth it. 😀

Project Tidy up!

Anyone who knows me is well aware that I am no domestic goddess and if I can get away with ‘disguising’ clutter I will. However the time has come that even the clutter needs a little bit of order. I know some people like the whole sterile environment where you can’t see anything but that isn’t me, a home should look like a home and look like it is lived in. I like having my books on show in their bookcase and my dvds in their place, when I’m not using my exercise ball is doubles up as a foot stool!

It’s a slow going process but steadily I am getting there. I honestly did not know how much junk I had until I started sorting through things and either filling bags for the charity shop or binning them.

I haven’t tackled the bits and bobs cupboards (yes there is more than one) yet as I am a bit scared to open the door in case things come tumbling out! I also have a bits and bobs draw which is more manageable to sort through so fingers crossed I’ll have an extra kitchen draw at my disposal all ready to fill up again 😉

StarI’m a good friend Star

A friend of mine is moving house and needed to do a bit of decorating in her rented property before she gave back the keys and get her deposit back. This friend has two kids who had done a bit of decorating of their own hence the need to leave the house in the same condition it had been rented out to her.

We had planned to meet up at her place to make sure everything was ok before she returned the keys to the estate agents but then I got a message asking if I minded doing a bit of grafting.

At first it was going to involve painting which then becoming wallpapering. Luckily I know how to wallpaper and my friend had roped someone else in to also help.  I went to my friends straight from work, it was a loonngg day.

By late evening I was starting to flag so the third person was going to finish off the rest of the wallpapering. The room was looking good when I left and I got fed so all in all a productive evening.


20140420_Bread[1]I’ve been playing with the bread machine using already mixed flour. It turned out nice, there are plenty of bread recipes I want to try with so little time!

I also had a go making sugar cookies using a Nigella Lawson recipe, quick, simple with little faffing around. I think these biscuits are popular in the USA as they can also be iced with royal icing, I skipped the icing stage this time. To me and others who tasted the end results thought the biscuits were similar to shortbread but according to the many articles out there sugar cookies and shortbread are not the same and have a few significant differences.

Shortbread uses a lot more butter, less sugar and are heavier in texture.

Sugar cookies are meant to be made using eggs though Nigella’s recipe didn’t use them. The mixture doesn’t need to be rolled out, you can place spoonful’s of the mixture onto a tray and bake. The biscuits can be decorated using icing, sprinkles anything you want really.

Whichever biscuit you go for they are both;

–          Addictive, one is not enough.

–          Bad for the waistline

–          Easy to make

If you want to try a sugar cookie recipe using eggs I always like the recipes from the website Joy of Baking usually there is also a YouTube video for you to also follow. I’ve not tried this recipe, but I haven’t gone wrong with a recipe from this site yet. While you’re there you might want to also try out the chocolate muffin recipe. 🙂


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