Apparently Marriage Causes Depression


On the radio the presenters where discussing a study carried out in USA that has found marriage can cause depression. Apparently it’s the constant nagging or criticism or feeling let down by your partner are a few triggers for dissatisfaction found in marriage.

Being a member of the singleton club I can’t fully comment on this, though the thought of marriage and having to share a home, a life with someone does fill me with a small amount of fear!

I asked my work colleagues their opinions of this study, after the initial silence and laughter they were in agreement that for them marriage was not the cause of depression it was the kids! The noise, the lack of sleep, the constant worry the list goes on. 😉

The radio presenters tried to switch the  negative aspects of this study around and asked their listeners if they could, what benefits for married people would they create?

Some of the suggestions involved being able to use the bus lane. After being married for x-amount of years being alone in the car for long periods of time, sometimes spent in silence, the need to cut through traffic and get out of the car is important for a healthy mind, body and soul.

Having a mandatory day off from work for anniversaries, with an increase in the number of days off depending on how long the happy couple have been married.  Having to spend the day together could be optional.

What benefits that apply only to married people would you come up with?


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