Hold the focus mitts in the right place!

My kickboxing class times had to move to meet the gyms requirements otherwise we were going to charged extra to hire the hall at our usual time. Bit unfair really but has worked out better for me as now I don’t need to rush when I get home from work.

We were sparring last week but only using either our legs or hands but not both at the same time, combinations were also allowed.
I’m a kitten really until I have to fight then it’s time to channel the inner ‘she bear’ unless I’m tired then I’m more like a squeaking chipmunk ;-). I was partnered with one of the co-trainers who is a black belt and he was impressed with me enough that the next day I got a text from him. He also copied a dvd for me on how to improve my round kicks, I’ve been a bit under weather this week so haven’t had a chance to look at it yet. It’s nice to be told you’re doing well now and then. 🙂

Just a pointer, when holding pads for someone try and remember to have them in the right position otherwise that person may end up hitting you instead, as I found out!

Plus side I’m healing a bit faster these days and my mum hasn’t seen the bruise either mostly because it has been cold enough that I’m wearing long sleeves 😉






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