Work for a bad manager?

In an ideal situation we would all like to have a manager we get on with. The reality is that many people will come across at least one ‘bad manager’ in their working career. The question is how to deal with them?

One of the reasons people choose to leave their job is because of the manager. Before you decide to blow the dust off your CV and leave your job, take a look at our tips

1. Point of view

Are there reasons behind your manager’s bad behaviour?

– Could they be under pressure themselves from their own manager resulting in their stressful, ‘bad’ behaviour?

– Overall they are good managers but it’s the bad behaviour that sticks in your mind

 2. Talk to your manager

Before taking any complaints to senior management and HR try speaking with your manager about your concerns.

 3. Watch your manager

This doesn’t mean stalk them.

Learn what triggers your manager’s bad behaviour, mood swings. This can be a bit like playing a game of dodge ball, but once you know the triggers you can try and avoid them or be prepared.

 4. Remain professional

No matter how your manager behaves always try and remain professional, avoid getting into a shouting match.

If you need to make a complaint, follow the correct procedures.

 5. Get it in writing

Make sure you have a clear written job description so both you and your manager are clear what your role is.

Create a paper trail of the interaction between you and your manager. If you are asked to do something, have it in writing. If the request was made verbally then follow up with an email.

 6. Keep a paper trail

Keep a record of all incidents where you feel your manager behaved badly.

 7. Your Work

This is not always easy but try not to let it affect your work. You want other members of staff to see the work you are capable of doing.

 8. Leave

You have done all you can to work through the situation and things are still the same, then it is time to think about leaving.


You can also find this article on JobServe.



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