Eurovision Weekend!

It was Eurovision weekend, did anyone watch it?

I watched bits and pieces whilst a friend and I sorted out dinner, my friend’s husband comfortably lounged on my sofa watching the array or unique musical acts.

Dinner was part take away and part home cooked. I’m not usually a fan of Indian takeaway but this time I was surprised at the food and the service. We ordered mains but cooked the rice and chapattis at home. I rarely make chapattis but they all go eaten, I’m hoping it was because they were nice not just because we were all starving! By the time the accompaniments were made the mains had arrived and were still hot!

I always think the Eurovision is just a bit of fun but there are definitely some countries who take the competition a bit too seriously.  Austria’s entry, a guy dressed as a woman with a beard won, yet Russian politicians were less than happy about the result and have voiced their dislike of Austria’s entry.

Russia weren’t the only unhappy bunnies, the UK judging panel weren’t too happy with Poland’s entry. Did you know that members of the public vote which act they like then it gets coupled with a judging panel made up of music ‘experts’ deciding which country gets how many points? I’m not a Eurovision expert so only just found this out. Anyway Poland’s act got the majority of the UK public vote but then got voted to the bottom by three members of the judging panel who didn’t like it.

Eurovision is or used to be a bit of harmless light entertainment but the whole thing is also a little bit political (Russia being booed), but as always it is an interesting mix of European & Non-European (I know it’s called Eurovision but sometimes other countries are allowed to come and play) ‘musical artists’ 😉

Health Kick

Sunday was a bit of a health kick day. Spent some of the morning wall climbing with my brother until we got hungry, then a bit of badminton with other brother and sister’s husband in the afternoon. My sister and youngest nephew came along a bit later.

I haven’t played badminton since I was a teenager, I’ll let you do the maths :-p. At the time I was fine but come Monday my body was feeling the effects.

Potty training

My youngest nephew is in the process of being toilet trained. He’s not doing too badly, so I’m told.

When he needed to go for some reason I was the adult of choice to take him. I didn’t have a clue what I was meant to be doing so we winged it. 😀

He opted to use the potty which I thought was the safer option for both of us. I sat on a little stool opposite him and we had a conversation and played with a few toys until he had done his ‘business’, there were lots of high fives and promises of toys, possibly a house and a car 😉 I didn’t stick around for the ‘clean up’, I left that to his parents.

Healthy Muffins

20140510_HealthyMuffins[1]I made the ‘skinny muffins’ in mentioned in a previous blog, although I’m not sure if a single muffin at 167 calories is good or bad :-s The recipe required a lemon icing drizzle on top, most likely because the actual cakes had little sugar in them and needed the extra sweetness.

The cakes were a success with family and were kid friendly..not much sugar for them to go completely hyper! The next step is to try them out on my dieting friend 😀

I’m curious about vegan cakes, no eggs or butter. I’m not sure how healthy vegan cakes can be as some of them can have a fair amount of sugar in them but then in place of butter there is oil and water.

This whole nutritional aspect of baking is unchartered territory for me as I’ve not ever really bothered to look at that type of information before and wouldn’t know where to begin. Until then I may just make smaller cakes so people don’t feel so guilty about eating the calorific cakes. 😉


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