Caring, sharing neighbours; It’s barbeque time!

Before I carry on I should make a point of saying that the majority of my neighbours are very nice and pleasant people, however there are a few that go above and beyond. It was a quiet week last week and I thought definitely the friendly, community spirited neighbourhood I live in had nothing left to share, but alas no there are still a few who out of the goodness of their heart like to help others out.

With the sun showing its rare smiling face and temperatures rising to, wait for it….19 degrees, (this is the UK) thoughts are turning to lounging in the garden and barbeques. Haven’t got a barbeque I hear you say? Don’t worry, you see my caring sharing neighbours have left one outside for the taking plus a side table and a childs fold up chair.

Have a house guest but don’t have a spare bed? Again just call on my neighbours who too have left a fold up lounger / single bed type thing.

Who knows what delights will be left for the taking next week, the suspense is almost unbearable. 😉

Those who dare say community spirit is dying clearly don’t have neighbours like me 🙂



5 thoughts on “Caring, sharing neighbours; It’s barbeque time!

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