Crash, Bang, Clean Car and Cake!

Though the sun was shining my weekend was 50 / 50.

No more than 10 minutes after leaving work I received a phone call my sister had been in a car accident! She is feeling the after effects now but otherwise is ok, she has been given some painkillers by the doctor at A&E.

We’re not sure about the survival chances of the car just yet. Everything is going through insurance so will see what the outcome is likely to be, the other party shouldn’t dispute anything as they were the ones at fault. They had not seen my sister’s car and continued to enter the road resulting in the accident.IMG-20140516-FarzanaCar[1]

Friday I had a case of the sneezes and watery eyes, I had hoped it was hay fever. I should be so lucky! Little did I know the sneezes and watery eyes were the beginning of a cold, no thanks to the evil air con that plagues my side of the office.

Despite my developing cold, come Saturday I still looked like I belonged to the human race (make up is a brilliant thing!) and a small miracle happened. Thanks to my youngest brother the inside of my car was cleaned. I forgot to take pictures otherwise you would seen just how bad it was. I can’t remember the last time the inside of my car was hovered, dust was wiped down, I honestly thought it was going to be an impossible task. But my brother took the hoover and did an excellent job!

In the process of car clean up I found

–          4 pairs of shoes

–          1 pair of boots

–          2 shawls

–          A pair of jogging bottoms

–          1 rain coat

–          The shovel I put in the car from the last snow we had in the UK

–          A pair of worn out, torn boxing gloves, these went in the bin

20140517_VeganCupcakes[1]While I was on a roll and craving something sweet I attempted some vegan chocolate cupcakes. For a first attempt they were ok, tasted much better with ice cream 🙂

Sunday the germs took full effect. I would have stayed in bed only the boiler guy was meant to be coming then I was going to my parents for a family barbeque. However the boiler guy didn’t turn up! I texted and phoned him then received a text message with a lame excuse, to be honest I think he forgot!

A builder was also meant to be coming to give me a quote for the shed, he was also a no show!

The boiler guy did come the following evening so I will let that go. The shed builder was meant to come that evening as well, again no show. I’m going to find someone else to come and give mwe a quote.

At the moment I am a recovering master of germs! The battle of the air con continues, the war will only be won when the evil spawn of cold and potential dusty, polluted air has been ripped out! I’m told this will be happening at some point this year, until then, I am going to have to dress like an eskimo for a work!


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