Smile – it’s Wednesday! :-D

I know it’s a Wednesday day, the middle of the week, ‘hump day’, depending on if you’re a half glass full or half glass empty type of person then it’s also that step closer to the end of the working week!

This morning on the way to work there a few feel good songs on the radio that not only made the journey to work all that bit more enjoyable but I still had that bouncy type feeling when I got to work. Even the artic weather conditions in the office haven’t been able to damper my mood… just yet, I definitely think some of the guys in the office are suffering from menopause; hot flashes etc. 😉

I think it is only fair to attempt to cheer up other peoples Wednesday with some of the songs I listened to on the way to work today, it’s a bit of a mix bag. 😀

1. Everlasting Love – Love Affair

2. We don’t have to take our clothes off – Jermaine Stewart

3. I will never let you down – Rita Ora

4. What makes you beautiful – One Direction – I’m by no means a groupie of the group, but I was on a roll this morning with poptastic songs!

5. Burn – Ellie Goulding

6. We’re better together – Jack Johnson – Something a bit calmer, but I liked it anyway!

Feel free to share what feel good songs you listened to on the way to where ever you were heading to this morning…work, school run, see a friend, family, dentist…what songs were you belting out this morning?!? 😀


2 thoughts on “Smile – it’s Wednesday! :-D

  1. oh gawd, now i’m feeling my age !

    I saw Love Affair live, in concert, at the Waverley Market in Edinburgh in the late 60s. They were the supporting act to Gino Washington, and it was shortly after they had their No 1 hit Everlasting Love

    There was a lot of controversy at the time, when it was reported that they couldn’t play their instruments, and session musicians had actually played on the recording

    Having had the misfortune to see them performing ‘live’, I can believe that report to be true – they were awful. Easily the worst band I have even seen in concert !

    P.S. as to what I was listening to the other day on my way to work, I can’t rightly remember now (I am getting on a bit, remember 😆 ) but it was definitely a Garry Sandhu song (I listen to the BBC Asian Network on my way to and from work)

    Perhaps it was this one ?


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