Time to make that recruitment video

With social media playing a much bigger role in every day life, the way society chooses to receive information has adapted. Breaking news is likely to be reported with a constant stream of updates before the major news networks have had a chance to send a reporter to the scene!

We are able to convey a message in 140 characters, text speak has infiltrated language and in some cases becoming the norm.

Take a mixture of words team them up with images and you’ve got yourself an infographic. You’ve heard the phrase ‘a picture can say a thousand words’, hence the growing popularity of infographics. They are usually easy on the eyes and can showcase statistics in a much more user friendly way.

How does this affect the recruitment industry?

newspaper_vector_illustrations_147953The recruitment industry has come a long way from posting jobs in the classified section of the weekly / daily newspapers. You can still find jobs being advertised in the newspaper but the industry has also taken advantage of the technological changes with advertising vacancies online, you can find a job board for almost any employment sector. Job boards not only open job seekers to a much larger number of jobs not just in their own country of residence but across the globe but also allows recruiters to access to a large candidate database.

These changes have increased the level of competition for jobs. It is because of this, the way job seekers market themselves, apply for jobs and the way their applications are received have had to change. Candidates are advised to make their CV’s SEO friendly so they can be easily found by potential employers. How to effectively brand themselves using social media and networking so prospective employers can get a 360 degrees feel for their personality instead of just looking at a bog standard CV.

Candidates who are brave enough have become more creative so they stand apart from their fellow job seekers by creating short movies, online interactive CV’s and video CV’s to accompany their conventional CV.

Job seekers are not the only ones taking advantage of online videoing, some companies will choose to carry out a video interview in order to cut travel time and expenses. There are two forms of video interviewing, two way interviewing and one way interviews.

Two way interviewing involves using video conferencing software such as Skype where both parties can see each other and speak in real time.

One way interviews involves the interviewee being recorded answering a list of set questions from the interviewer. With this method the interviewer can ensure all candidates are asked the same questions and can view the interview several times.

Video interviewing can be effective though not everyone will be comfortable being videoed, this can become apparent through body language and the answers given in the interview.

With a standard list of questions, job seekers can give standard answers they think the interviewer will want to hear. Through dialogue a job seekers personality can be seen, being able to do the job is one thing, being able to work with future colleagues is another.

Online recruitment has made jobs more accessible to job seekers who may not have known about jobs that were in different parts of the country / world, though the quality of applications received cannot be guaranteed. There can be a number of reasons for this:

–          Job seekers are applying for jobs they are not qualified for.

–          CV is of poor quality, even if the job seeker is qualified this is not evident from their CV.

–          The job seeker was perfect on paper, then the recruiter saw their social media pages.

–          Poorly written adverts. Many adverts do not contain relevant information such as location, salary or even a recognisable job title.

–          The job advert contains block text or streams of unnecessary information about the company and not enough detail about the job itself.

So why not create a recruitment video? What information written adverts lack, video adverts can make up for. As well has highlighting the current vacancies, these videos can showcase the company culture and what qualities they are looking for in future employees.

There is the risk of these video’s being over the top and cheesy but also the potential to attract the attention of job seekers who may have glanced over a mainstream job advert but not applied for the position. The feel of the video all depends on the company, companies like Google, Microsoft have a longer, corporate approach to their recruitment videos whereas the video created by Shopify is more relaxed and just as informative.

Looking to fill a vacancy, have a look at these videos from Plexonic, socialdriver and HowToMakeMobileGames. All three videos have a different approach to advertising their vacancy.

It’s time to blow the dust off those camcorders and start making those videos!





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