Sparring with the guys

Because of the time changes I was the only girl training in my kickboxing class last night, with 6 other guys and the female instructor.

I was a bit late to the class, my mum was watching an Indian TV series and I got drawn in. I don’t go out of my way to watch these type of programmes as the story lines can be a bit silly and the female characters a bit wet behind the ears but it can be easy watching and helps to improve my hindi / urdu.

As the class was down in its normal numbers the instructors tried something a bit different. We sat in a circle with one person in the middle who would spar with every one, one at a time in 1 minute rounds with a 15 minutes break in the between each round. Everyone was the piggy in the middle at some point.

I went last, by the time it came to me sparring in the final round I was literally running on adrenaline I think. I had no energy to lift my arms, kick and I’m pretty sure sugar levels had gone a bit low (I’m not diabetic) as I was starting to feel a bit dizzy. I spoke with the instructors afterwards who said that was to be expected as it was a tough session. As I was the only girl I wasn’t going to give up, even if I had to crawl out of that hall! I know it was mostly based on pride and sheer stupidity but the instructors were impressed with me anyway and thought my sparring had improved from a year ago.

The others did laugh a bit as I have a habit of saying ‘sorry’ after I’ve gone all she-bear and hit someone and I know it’s connected with the head, body, leg.

In one instance, it was by pure accident, but one of the guys wasn’t wearing any protective gear in the delicate area and I accidently got him there. There was definitely some pay back in his punches when we sparred again later on!

I did come away with some bruises and am currently trying not to reek of tiger balm!

I also got my ticket to the charity boxing match that takes place in June. One of the guys that occasionally trains at this club is taking part and a few of us are going along to show support and have a night out. Check me out being all social 😉20140523_Boxing_Ticket[1]


5 thoughts on “Sparring with the guys

  1. now and again, i get suckered into watching a drama on Star TV

    it’s like stepping back in time to a desi version of the silent – over-acting/exaggerated expressions – typical of hollywood movies in the 1920-30’s

    for example, there’s a room of 6 people

    one character says something – the camera pans to capture the facial expression of each of the other 5 people in the room, reacting (in melodramatic fashion) to what has just been said

    Someone says something in reply (the camera pans to capture the facial expression of each of the other 5 people in the room, reacting (in melodramatic fashion) to what has just been said)

    and it goes on and on

    a lot of folk find these dramas terribly addictive

    I find them (mostly) ludicrously amusing

    to each, their own, eh ? 😆

    enjoy the weekend, fozia – hopefully the rain will stop and the weather pick up this bank holiday weekend !


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