Ann Summers party..’blush blush’

I’m generally a shy type of person, it can take me some time before I am comfortable with new people and will openly speak up. So you can only imagine what I was like at an Ann Summers party!

I am attending a friend’s wedding this week, as part of the ritual she had a ‘hen do’ which was an Ann Summers party. I’ve been to one before so was expecting to go a bit shy but I was in no way prepared for the type of games played at this one.

I don’t think I’m Ann Summers party material, I went a beetroot red colour which isn’t easy with my skin tone! The clothes or lack of them are amusing, some even tasteful and cute. The ‘toys’, I’m asuming there is a fine line between pleasure and pain because I wasn’t the only one a bit confused.

20140525_KirstyHenMassager[1]20140525_KirstyHenTshirt[1]I was describing the games to the guys I work with, the look on their faces almost matched the one I had whilst I was there. Lets just say there was a Cadbury’s  chocolate fudge and balloons that had to popped whilst acting out certain positions. 😮

There was a raffle, I ended up winning a t-shirt and a mini massager, considering the other items there these were tame!

The bride to be was doing fine with her drink until she moved onto straight JD, she was meant to be having shots but in the abscence of shots glasses used a tumbler glass and guestimated the amount. From that point onwards she was very happy and loved everyone. 😉

20140523_OreoCookieCake[1]Those memories cast aside, we’ll move onto baking!

My new tenant had not baked a cake before and wanted to make one for her friend’s birthday. I helped her with the recipe and steps but otherwise she did it all herself. The results were good and the cake tasted nice 🙂

My sister received some sad news about her car, the insurance company have decided to write off it off.

To add insult to injury, when she went to pick up some things she had forgotten to remove from her car when the garage came to pick it she discovered a music CD with girlie songs on, missing. Why would a bunch of supposdely manly mechanics thief a girlie music CD? Trying to impress a girl, or maybe trying to get in touch with their feminine side?

So bank holiday Monday we went travelling looking for a new car and found one. It was reasonably priced, not bad condition and it drove nicely. Downside it is about an hour away, also downside is me, brother and dad are going to pick the car up on the weekend as sister is working.

You can see why I come to work to rest! 😀


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