Idiot people

Normally I don’t talk about politics and religion but this latest incident has seriously annoyed me!

I’ve made no secret of the fact I am Muslim, many people can’t tell from looking at me because I don’t wear a head scarf. A friend of mine who is also Muslim chooses to wear a head scarf, out of choice. Yet some people have had the audacity to go up to my petite friend whilst she is on her own to abuse and intimidate her. Following her in a supermarket and asking her ‘Is she a good Muslim or a bad Muslim?’ and ‘What have you got in your bag, is it a bomb?’. She ignored them and carried on with her shopping yet no one stepped in to stop them.

Or the most recent incident where some random person on the street who was already in a foul and aggressive mood, my friend tried to avoid him, decided to follow her and hurl racial abuse at her when she didn’t engage in verbal communication with him. He only went away when she walked up to a random house.

Would these idiots have approached my friend if she was in a group, or even if she was a 6 foot man? She works, she pays her taxes, NI, contributes to the benefit system, which we all know is abused by both those in the UK and those from abroad. It doesn’t help we have politicians going on about immigration constantly and now the ‘Trojan Horse’ storm breaking over Birmingham’s schools’ news. I think people should be able to practice their faith, wear hijab, turban, cross etc  but think religion has no place in schools as part of the teaching process (hope that makes sense). If people want their kids to learn about their own specific religion there are other institutions for that and better informed people to teach.

Even if  by some miracle the immigration issues were dealt with it isn’t going to solve the rest of the country’s problems. There are still going to be the likes of White Dee from Benefits Street who is are claiming benefits and going abroad to party. Who will be held responsible then?

A percentage of Muslims have chosen to behave the way that they have in the name religion, yet the majority of us who practice or don’t practice Islam, who want to get on with our lives have been tarnished with the same brush and targeted by ignorant cowards who wouldn’t know how to be a decent human being if it came and smacked them in the face.

I am concerned about the safety of my friend and advised her to contact the police but she has chosen not to instead she’ll get a personal alarm. I’m still trying to get her to try out a self-defence class or come to a kickboxing class we’ll see how that goes.

Rant over.


2 thoughts on “Idiot people

  1. Unthinking faith is a curious offering to be made to the creator of the human mind.
    – John A. Hutchinson
    Intolerant religious bigots absolutely infuriate me. Deciding the character of a person by a scarf, burqa, turban, or yamaka is such insanity! On behalf of sane Westerners, I apologize for our socially retarded brothers, and I hope for the best for your friend.

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  2. Thanks for your comment 🙂
    It’s a shame because generally speaking the majority of the people I have come across in my town are friendly people. It’s these circumstances that make you realise how lame some people actually are, but what do you do?
    My friend has taken it in her stride, she is a soft hearted kind of girl and has moved on from these experiences. 🙂


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